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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 780

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Chapter 780

It looked more like they were arguing about something.

Maisie could not hear what they were arguing about clearly, but the two of them seemed to be moving
very vigorously. The woman then pushed the man away and gave him a slap.

When the man held her hand and said something, the woman pulled her hand away from his palm and
turned her head. She looked as if

she was wiping her tears away,

The woman turned to face the stone beam in front of the observation deck. Maisie saw her face in an
instant, and her hand that was holding the teacup trembled.

Isn’t that Helios’ mother?’ Maisie stopped breathing for a few seconds as she could not believe what
she had seen.

‘Helios’ mother and a man who doesn’t look like her husband. Who’s that man? The two of them don’t
look like they’re on a tryst, but the man just hugged her, and Mrs.

Boucher had obviously cried. Judging from all that, all I can say is that the relationship between those
two doesn’t look simple.’

Realizing that she had been distracted, Madam Nera asked, “What’s wrong?”

Maisie quickly retracted her gaze and said casually with a smile, “Nothing, it’s just that this scene
makes me think of Nolan.” “You do have a very good relationship with that boy, huh?” Madam Nera
sounded a little jealous, and Maisie felt a little embarrassed. She looked to the opposite side again and
found out that Mrs. Boucher was already gone. ‘Mrs. Boucher is Helios’ biological mother and also

Ryleigh’s aunt. I’m afraid that the Bouchers would suffer another huge blow to their reputation if anyone
were to run into this situation. Of course, let’s not rule out the fact that the man could also be Mrs.
Boucher’s relative.

“However, the hug that I just saw doesn’t look like one that would happen between siblings or cousins.’

Maisie went to the restroom and met Mrs. Boucher face to face outside the restroom corridor. Mrs.
Boucher seemed to have just touched up her makeup, and her eyes were bloodshot, which meant that
she really had cried.

Running into Maisie, Mrs. Boucher was flustered and seemed to start to think about where they had
met before this.

Maisie greeted her first out of courtesy,” Mrs. Boucher.”

“You’re the one…” Mrs. Boucher could not recall her name at that instant.

Maisie smiled and introduced herself, “My name is Maisie. I’m Ryleigh’s friend.”

“Maisie Vanderbilt,” Mrs. Boucher uttered her name in full, then thought of something, and her
expression instantly dimmed. “So you’re Nolan Goldmann’s wife.”

Mrs. Boucher’s sudden indifference made Maisie feel a little embarrassed.

‘I don’t think I’ve offended her before this. Moreover, I’ve only met her on two occasions. The first time
was at the Lucases, which was when Willow impersonated me, and the second time was at the
Summerton Auction Hall

Mrs. Boucher took out a mirror and looked at it. “I know you and Ryleigh are best friends. And we met
at the Lucases before.”

Maisie still had a wide smile on her face. “Yes, are you here for the opera too?”

Mrs. Boucher was startled and froze for a split second, then closed the mirror calmly, put it back in her
purse, and said indifferently, “No, I came here to see a friend.”

Maisie did not ask.

It was an affair of an elder, not to mention that she was an outsider. She had no right to interfere with
that matter.

Mrs. Boucher looked at her and said before ending the conversation and leaving the scene, “I heard
that Nolan saved Helios on the island. Thank him for me.” Maisie stared at Mrs. Boucher’s back as she
left. She frowned slightly as something went through her mind.

Maisie left the Green Garden Theater after listening to the play with Madam Nera. At the exit of the
theater, a middle-aged man who seemed to be an acquaintance of Madam Nera walked toward her.

“Ms. Nera is also here to listen to the play?”

Maisie looked at the middle-aged man and squinted slightly.

‘It’s him. He’s the man who was with Mrs. Boucher. ‘He just addressed Madam Nera as Ms.

Nera instead of Madam Nera.’

Madam Nera looked a little surprised.” When did you come to Zlokova?”

The man smiled. “A few days ago, I came to Zlokova for a collaboration with the chairman of Eastwood

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