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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 781

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Chapter 781

Madam Nera was stunned. Only then did the man notice Maisie who was standing beside him. “This
is…” “She’s my god-granddaughter, Maisie Vanderbilt.” Madam Nera looked at Maisie and introduced
her. “Zee, this is Mr. Tristan Knowles. You can address her as your uncle. He’s my junior.” Maisie
nodded at him. “Nice to meet you, Uncle Tristan.” Tristan nodded back.

He and Madam Nera went to the side to talk to each other while Maisie stood in front of the car and
waited for them. She glanced in the direction of the two of them.

‘It seems that Mr. Knowles isn’t from Zlokova, and judging from the way he carries himself and how he
dresses, he’s either a rich man or a man of prestigious status. As for his relationship with Mrs.
Boucher…’ Madam Nera turned to look at her and said, “Zee, you should go back first. You don’t have
to wait for me.”

Maisie smiled, nodded, and then got into the car with Baydie

At the Boucher manor…

Christina passed by Helios’ room and was shocked when she heard what Helios said to Francisco.

She pushed open the door abruptly. Francisco was taken aback. “Aunty?”

Christina walked toward him agitatedly.” Helios, do you plan to invest in Eastwood

Enterprise’s overseas projects?”

Helios frowned and responded resolutely a s if he had made up his mind, “I want to establish my own
business. My career in the entertainment industry-”

“Helios!” Christina interrupted him and grabbed him by his shoulders. “Don’t go, I’m begging you.
Please don’t go, okay?”

Helios noticed something was wrong with his mother and asked suspiciously,” Mother, what’s wrong
with you?” +

Christina knew that she had lost control of her emotions in front of her son, although she had tried very
hard to restrain herself. She knew that her son had always wanted to break free from the family’s
arrangement and live his own life.

But that person invested in Eastwood Enterprise’s overseas project too. “… I only… I only don’t want
you to overtoil yourself. You have to take care of your career in the entertainment industry and set foot
in the business circle at the same time. I’ll feel bad for you.” Christina avoided his gaze and tried her
best to suppress her expression on the surface, but her emotions were still turbulent deep down.

Helios stared at her. “Don’t worry, Mother. I know my boundaries.”

Francisco also spoke up for him. “Yes, Aunty, you don’t have to worry about Helios. Besides, Eastwood
Enterprise is different from those businesses on Winston Island. Such a large company won’t deceive
its investors. Moreover, this project was introduced by Mr. Goldmann…”

Christina was astonished, and her expression dimmed slightly.

I certainly know that Eastwood Enterprise won’t swindle Helios. How could I not know the relationship
that Nolan Goldmann shares with Anthony Topaz? It’s just that…’

Helios was a little worried. “Mother, are you really okay?”

Christina shook her head and turned her head away as she did not want to let him notice anything. “It’s
okay. I’m just a little tired. I’ll go to rest first.”

Francisco watched her leave and approached Helios. “What’s wrong with

Aunty? Is it just me, or did she overreact just now?”

Helios did not say anything. Maisie returned to Soul Jewelry, and Kennedy told her that a woman had
come to find her.

She asked who the woman was, and Kennedy thought for a moment before answering the question,
“It’s Katrina Zalensky.” “Katrina?” Maisie was surprised. “She’s still in Bassburgh?” Kennedy nodded.

Maisie frowned. “Did Katrina say when she was here?”

Kennedy replied, “No, she left immediately after the front desk told her that you weren’t here.”

Kennedy looked at her after saying that.” She must’ve come with a purpose in mind.”

Maisie was lost in thought.

Katrina came looking for me. It seems that she’s started to suspect that Barbara and I are working

She called Barbara and asked Barbara to meet her at a cafe in the afternoon.

Barbara appeared at the cafe in a brown and white equestrian uniform. It seemed that she had just
come from the racecourse, and she had not had time to change, so she only put on a coat before
coming over.

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