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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 778

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Chapter 778

Katrina laughed along with him.

After leaving Eugene, her life had undergone earth-shattering changes, and the difference between the
two lifestyles was so great that she found it extremely difficult to accept it.

She was unwilling to go back to living the life she had before meeting Eugene. And because she could
not appear in front of Eugene and had to hide from the public, the Glitz Club was the only place that
would take her in.

She knew that Eugene’s wife had divorced him, but she did not expect his ex-wife to be living in the
same condominium as her.

Could it be that Eugene didn’t lose half his assets and properties during the divorce procedures, and
the woman agreed to leave him without getting anything from him?

*D*mn it! If the scandal between Eugene and me hadn’t been exposed, and Eugene still didn’t know
about the secrets that I had on my cell phone, why would I need to stay here and throw myself at these
old and filthy men for a living?

‘Those videos ended all possibilities for me as I’ve completely offended Eugene because of them. But
how did that b*tch Yelena know about the photos that I kept on my phone? No one else had had
access to my phone apart from myself!’ Katrina came up with an excuse to go to the restroom and left
the private room. She then came to the end of the corridor and made a phone call.

She asked immediately after the call got through, “It’s been so long, haven’t you found out where that
b*tch is now?’ Yelena was not living in the Chases manor. Katrina had even called and asked her
father, who was obviously heartless enough to block her number.

She really had no choice but to spend the money she earned through those old men to bribe some
people into helping her run some errands.

I’ll never give up before I find out where Yelena is. But is she deliberately hiding from me? Keep
dreaming! Even if I no longer have the videos. I can still ruin that b*tch’s reputation.

This is what the Chases owe me. So none of them shall escape my wrath unscathed!’

The other party said something to Katrina, and her expression turned gloomy in an instant. She
gnashed her teeth, and her eyes looked fierce. “Okay, I’ll pay you more money, but you only have a few
more days.”

She hung up the call.

At the same time, a woman’s voice came from the darker end of the corridor. “Ms. Zalensky, you
actually work here? What a coincidence.”

Katrina turned her head and saw a young woman walking out of the shadows. The woman sashayed
into the lights slowly as her facial features gradually became clearer and clearer.

When the woman walked up to her, Katrina took a good look at her from head to toe and sneered. “And
here I was, wondering who this was seconds ago. It turns out to be Ms. Hannigan.”

Maizie’s reputation in Bassburgh had been dragged through the mud. Anyone who paid slight attention
to the news would at least know several events that had made her infamous.

Maizie did not expect to meet Katrina at the Glitz Club. Almost no one in Bassburgh had known that
Katrina was Eugene’s mistress before they got exposed. She had risen to fame only after the scandal
was exposed. “Is the Yelena that Ms. Zalensky mentioned in the phone call the daughter of the

Katrina frowned and was wary. “Do you know her?”

Maizie pinched her chin and contemplated. “So it is true that the daughter of the Chases has changed
her name. It seems that the rumors are true.”

Katrina did not plan to talk to her, so she turned around and was about to leave.

However, Maizie stopped her. “It’s actually not that difficult if you want to locate Barbara Chase.”

Katrina was stunned.

Maizie walked around her and stopped in front of her. “As far as I know, Barbara has recently made two
new friends in Bassburgh.”

“New friends?” Katrina looked at her and scoffed disdainfully. “Just what kind of friends can she make
here?” Maizie gave off a pregnant smirk. “It’s, of course, Ryleigh, the daughter of the Hills, and the one
and only Mrs. Goldmann, Maisie Vanderbilt.”

Lildpler 110

Katrina froze in place.

‘Mrs. Goldmann!?’ She suddenly remembered the scene that she had seen the other day.

‘Eugene’s son, Francisco, was with Maisie that day. And judging from Francisco’s attitude, he and
Maisie are obviously acquaintances. But what I didn’t expect is that she’s actually a friend of that b*tch!’

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