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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 784

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Chapter 784

Nolan pinched her chin. “Are you worried about Daisie?”

Maisie returned to her senses. Although Nolan had regained his memories and claimed that he
remembered everything that happened after his amnesia, he should know…

Maisie held his hand. “Daisie has grown up into a young girl now, I think… Let’s get Saydie to teach
Daisie some self-defense techniques.”

Nolan rubbed the top of her head. “I’m okay with that. Allowing Daisie to pick up another skill will
prevent her from suffering in the future

“Oh, by the way.” Maisie remembered something, “I asked a friend of mine to stay in the Goldmann
mansion for the time being.” “Is the friend that you’re talking about the daughter of the Chases?” Nolan
squinted his eyes. Maisie nodded. She knew that Alfred would definitely have informed Nolan about
that. “You don’t mind, do you?” Nolan wiped away the oil stains on the corner of Maisie’s lips with his
fingertips and lowered his voice. “She is your friend. I certainly wouldn’t mind.”

The next day…

Barbara went to Soul Jewelry to find Maisie.

Maisie noticed that she had not slept well and asked, “Are you not used to the new environment?”
Barbara rubbed her forehead. “Nah, it’s just that I was thinking about a lot of things last night and
couldn’t sleep because of that.” She had met the two children in the mansion and really got along very
well with them. They were very smart too.

Maisie knew what she was worried about-it was surely about Katrina and the deceased’s family. She
also knew that Barbara hiding for the rest of her life would not be the ultimate solution to this problem.

Kennedy stood outside the door and knocked on the door at this moment. Maisie looked up, and
Kennedy entered the room. “Zee, Ms. Zalensky is here again.”

Maisie looked at Barbara. Barbara stood up. “I’ll go see her.” Maisie nodded. “I’ll go with you.”

Barbara did not refuse.

Katrina was waiting in the reception lounge. She obviously had not come alone, but luckily she did not
bring reporters along.

Katrina looked surprised when Maisie and Barbara appeared outside the door, but the surprise on her
face disappeared almost instantly as it turned gloomy. “You two have known each other for a long time,
haven’t you?”

“Yelena Chase?” Mrs. Salvadore stood up and became extremely emotional. “It’s really you. No wonder
we couldn’t locate you all this while. It turns out that you’ve changed your name. Give me my son
back!” Mrs. Salvadore was about to step forward to grab Barbara, but Maisie stopped her. ” Madam,
please watch your actions. You’re in

Soul Jewelry, and this isn’t a place for you to create a stir.”

Mrs. Salvadore pushed Maisie’s hand away and pointed at her. “You’re on the same side with this
woman. She killed my son. Where did you muster the courage to stay so close to a murderer?”

Barbara’s expression dimmed immediately. “Mrs. Salvadore, don’t forget that it was your son who
molested and threatened me with a knife first.”

Mrs. Salvadore spat. “Would my son lose his cool if you hadn’t seduced him? Aren’t you the daughter
of the Chases? Your father has his hands in the politics and business circle of the city, so it’s only
natural for him to help you get out of this mess. You killed my poor son, and you’re shameless enough

to make such scandalous statements here?” Barbara wanted to say something, but Maisie raised her
hand to stop her and stared at Mrs. Salvadore expressionlessly.” Everyone who knows the law should
know that what Ms. Chase did back then is considered self-defense. So Mrs. Salvadore, are you saying
that the judge of the case was bribed by Barbara’s father back then?”

Mrs. Salvadore was astonished before becoming even more furious. “Don’t you try to confuse anyone
here. This has nothing to do with you, so just keep your own sh*t to yourself.”

Maisie crossed her arms. “As the owner of this company. I won’t allow anyone to make a fuss in my
company, and I don’t like to see

anyone twisting the right and the wrong right under my nose.”

. Barbara glanced at Maisie with a hint of surprise beaming from her eyes. After all, she did not expect
Maisie to protect her to this extent

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