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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 789

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Chapter 789

Furthermore, Mr. Zhivkov had to rely on his father-in-law’s family. He couldn’t let his wife find out about
his affair.

He said, “I’m always true to my word. She was just a woman from a club. I won’t interfere with her
issues with the Chases.” Then he left. Quincy walked in, and the lights turned on in the room.

Maisie removed her mask, walked back to the couch, sat down next to Nolan, and winked playfully. “I
didn’t think that Katrina would get hold of Peter Zhivkov, who had beef with the Chases. Do you think
he will take this personally for threatening him?” Nolan tilted his head, looked at her, and chuckled.
“That wasn’t a threat.’

Quincy said, “Don’t worry, ma’am. We used fake identities here. Peter would probably just think that the
Chases sent us.”

It would be out of place for Nolan to get involved with the Chases’ affairs because he had nothing to do
with them, and he was a businessman like Peter.

The biggest benefit between two businessmen would be their relationship. Nolan never offended Peter
and vice versa.

If Nolan ‘offended’ Peter because of this, it would be tough for him to continue doing business in the

Peter Zhivkov was in the construction business and was used to taking on huge projects. He lived with
his wife’s family, and his wife was the daughter of the biggest property developer in Coralia.

Rumor had it that his wife had a tight leash on him.

Even though Blackgold didn’t lack money, they would work with Peter for building projects, so it was a
bad idea to burn bridges. Maisie understood that. Offending someone in your industry was pretty much
cutting off your own future, so there was really no need for it.

Even if they pretended to be sent by the Chases, the Chases were well known. Peter had already
suffered once because of the Chases, and if he was clean, he wouldn’t need to worry about them.
However, if he was dirty, all he could do was quietly endure it.

Nolan pulled Maisie into his arms and ran his finger over her face like fire burning through her skin.
“Your acting was on point.”

“How could I not with you supporting me?” Maisie put her chin on his shoulder and then looked up with
softness in her eyes. “I was afraid that your identity would be exposed when you spoke, so I said all the
lines. I didn’t embarrass you, did I?”

Nolan smiled widely.

At that moment, the bodyguard outside said, “Who are you?”

A woman’s voice sounded. “I’m a server here. I brought some drinks.”

The bodyguard was impatient. “We didn’t order alcohol. That’s a mistake.”

Maisie looked toward the door. “Did Peter order them? Is he trying to find out who we are?”

Nolan hinted at Quincy with his eyes, so the latter dimmed the lights and went out with shades on.

The server was holding a tray with a bottle of wine on it. Quincy got the bodyguards to step aside,
walked to the girl and looked at the bottle. “Who asked you to bring this?”

The server was startled and pointed with a shaky finger. “The people from that room.”

Quincy looked over and was obviously surprised. That wasn’t Peter’s room.

The server handed the bottle of wine over to Quincy. “The gentleman asked me to

send it to a Mr. Goldmann in the room, and … said he would be there waiting for him.”

Quincy took the bottle of wine and sent her away. He then put the bottle of wine down on the table in
the room and told Nolan everything verbatim.

Nolan looked grave.

Maisie was suspicious. “The people from the room next door?”

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