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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 794

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Chapter 794

Maisie lowered her head slowly.

Only now she understood why Mrs. Boucher’s attitude would change drastically after knowing that she
was Nolan’s wife when they bumped into each other at the Golden Garden Theater.

After all, she was Nolan’s wife. Yael had never once forgotten about Natasha. No wife in this world
could tolerate her husband thinking about another woman.

It was just that there was something she did not understand. What was going on between Mrs. Boucher
and Tristan? ‘Tristan Knowles, Natasha Knowles…!

Maisie seemed to have connected the dots and asked, “Your mother’s name is Natasha

Knowles… Does this mean that she is…” Nolan fixed his gaze on her face and said in a serious voice,
“There are two large families in Yaramoor, the Knowles and the Hathaways . Eleven years ago, Rick
Knowles, the eldest grandson of the Knowles, married the princess of Yaramoor, so the Knowles are
the relatives of the royal family right now.”

Nolan’s face sank slightly when he talked about this. “The Knowles adopted my mother. She was Rick’s
aunt, and Tristan is my mother’s elder brother.”

Maisie was so stunned that she did not know what to say.

There was no emotion in Nolan’s deep-set eyes as he continued. “My mother’s life with the Knowles
was a nightmare. That’s why she decided to run to Zlokovia.”

He wrapped his arms around Maisie and kissed the corner of her eyes. “Honestly, I’m not surprised
when you told me you saw Mrs. Boucher and Tristan together. After all, Mr. Boucher knows about it.”

“Mr. Boucher knows about it?” Maisie was taken aback.

Nolan chuckled and continued. “Mrs. Boucher started seeing Tristan several years ago. It’s just that Mr.
Boucher turns a blind eye toward it. He was forced to marry a woman he didn’t love. He has been
treating her coldly for years, so he found no reason to blame her for her infidelity.”

Maisie did not reply. In the end, the marriage between Mrs. Boucher and Mr. Boucher was indeed a sad
story. They had to pretend like a loving couple in front of everyone for decades, but only they knew that
their relationship was slightly better than that of a stranger.

However, Mrs. Boucher’s eyes had been red that day Maisie had seen her when she pushed Tristan
away. It now seemed to her that Mrs. Boucher was trying to cut ties with him.

She asked slowly, “So about the thing you promised Mr. Boucher. Is it about Helios?”

Nolan fell silent for a moment before replying, “Yeah.” Maisie was exhausted, so she did not ask any
questions anymore. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep slumber several seconds later.

On the other hand, sleep just wouldn’t come to Nolan no matter how hard he tried. He allowed Maisie
to hug him and maintained his position throughout the entire night.

Maisie woke up early in the morning. It was only 6:00 a.m., and the sky was still dark and gloomy.

Nolan was no longer beside her. She did not know whether he had not slept the whole night or he had
just slept for several hours only.

After washing herself, she came downstairs. She looked toward the window, and it seemed to her that
it had rained since the ground was wet.

The light in the kitchen was on, and there was a long shadow on the floor.

Nolan was frying an egg, and the air was filled with the fragrance of the egg.

Maisie came to the kitchen and asked,” Why did you wake up so early?”

Nolan turned off the stove and put the egg on the plate. He brought it to the table, turned around, and
looked at her, “Of course, to make breakfast for you.”

He was wearing a saggy blue silk robe. The sash was loosely tied around his waist while the collar was
opened, revealing his firm chest and abs. He looked sexy and elegant at the same time.

– Maisie averted her gaze. “How were you so sure that I would wake up so early?”

He finished preparing the last pancake and replied with a smile on his face, “That’s because I knew
you’d wake up early.” She walked to the table and took her seat. She glanced at Nolan and thought,
‘Not only is he good at managing a company, but he can also cook a lot better than me.’

Biting her fork, Maisie thought about something and asked, “Nolan, when is your birthday?”

Nolan froze. He turned his head around to look at her. “Why?”

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