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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 791

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Chapter 791

The wine bottle shattered with a loud bang. The burly man fell to the floor and covered the bleeding
wound on his head.

The other people were startled by her bold action, and none of them dared to approach her.

Peter cursed out loud and shouted, “What the hell are you losers doing? She’s just a woman. Go get

Maisie made her move first. Although she could take two or three of them down, there were eight of
them left.

She was wearing a pair of stilettos. Soon, she started to feel exhausted, and the floor was littered with
broken bottles.

A man saw his chance and pounced at her, pinning her on the couch. Maisie bent her knee and
delivered a fierce kick, and the man felli down in a curled-up position, covering his crotch in pain.

Another two strong men grabbed her and pinned her back on the couch. Peter barked out his order,
“Remove her mask!”.

Katrina watched as they moved on to remove Maisie’s mask. Her fingers had stabbed into her arms
that were crossed around her chest

Just when those men touched Maisie’s mask, a few people flew through the door and fell to the floor at
Peter’s feet.

The two strong men were stunned. The bodyguards that filed into the room were professional fighters.
No sooner had they entered the private room than they had beaten all Peter’s men to the floor.

Katrina screamed in terror. She cowered under the table and covered her ears.

Peter was dumbfounded, but he soon came around to his senses, His face contorted with rage as he
shouted, “Who the hell are you? Do you know who I am?”

The group of bodyguards dressed in black made a path, and the middle-aged man who walked out
from behind the bodyguards was no other than Yael

Peter’s face instantly turned red as he froze. “M-Mr. Boucher!?”

Katrina trembled, and her face turned ashen pale

*Mr. Boucher? What is he doing here?’

Maisie got up from the couch and adjusted her mask to prevent it from falling. She, too, was very
surprised like the other two people.

“Mr. Boucher? Isn’t he Helios’ father?’

Yale stood in front of Peter with his hands clasped behind him. There was a smile on his face as he
said, “Of course, I’ve heard your great name, Mr. Zhivkov.”

Peter’s face was livid with rage. That said, he couldn’t lash out at Yael, so he could only swallow his
anger and ask, “What do you mean by this, Mr. Boucher? I don’t think my affair with the Chases has
anything to do with you, right?” “Yes, you’re right. It has nothing to do with me,” Yael said as he lowered
his head. He walked closer to Peter and patted his shoulder before adding, “However, it seems to me
that you have forgotten about my relationship with Michael, Mr. Zhivkov.”

All color faded from Peter’s face when he heard what Yael had said. He did not expect that the
Bouchers would stand up for the Chases at all.

He was not worried about the Chases since Michael was retiring from his position soon. However, the
Bouchers were different.

Yael was obviously more powerful than the person behind him. If he did not give him what he wanted,
Yael would not let him go so easily.

He gnashed his teeth and offered Yael a smile. “You’re right, Mr. Boucher. My anger has gotten the
best of me. This is my fault, and I hope you will forgive me.”

He turned around and pulled Katrina out. He gave her a slap on the cheek, causing her to fall on the
table, and blood began to line her lips.

Katrina covered her face, her body shaking as she looked at Peter in shock.

Peter pointed at her and hissed menacingly. “You b*tch, how dare you!

Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?”

Katrina did not expect that Peter would make her his scapegoat. Her blood turned cold as she said,
“Mr. Zhivkov, 14”

Peter grabbed her hair and threw her on the floor. He lifted his leg and stomped on her hard.

Katrina crawled on the floor like a frozen shrimp, shivering and crying out in pain. –

After Peter had finished venting his spleen, he spat at her and walked up to Yael. “Mr. Boucher, it’s my
fault for not being able to see

through her evil intentions. She took advantage of me. Can you…”

Yael glanced at Katrina before turning back to Peter. He smiled at him and said, “I understand, Mr.
Zhivkov. She’s such a beauty, and I doubt anyone can avoid losing their heads before her. Since she
has received her punishment, I’ll let this slide this time

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