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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 797

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Chapter 797

The waiter led Nolan into the courtyard. A man was sitting in the corner of the outdoor cafe on the

The man turned his head upon hearing the footsteps of someone walking up the steps, and he looked
at Nolan. “Mr. Goldmann actually came to see me, I’m truly honored.” “I’m guessing Uncle Topaz is the
one who gave you my contact information.” Nolan pulled out the chair and sat down slowly across from
that man.

Tristan summoned the waiter. “Fancy something to drink?”

He replied indifferently, “Anything will do.”

Tristan said to the waiter, “Give us another cup of Blue Mountain.”

The waiter nodded.

“Anthony is indeed the person who gave me your contact information. No matter what, I’m still your

“My uncle?” Nolan lifted his gaze and looked expressionless. “The Goldmanns have never admitted to
the fact of having you as a relative.”

Tristan scoffed. “You’re still blaming us for your mother’s encounter. The Knowles actually treated your
mother very well, even though your mother wasn’t related to us by blood.”

“You people treated her very well?” Nolan sneered. “The Knowles couldn’t give birth to a daughter, who
could bring benefits to the family through marriage, so you adopted an orphan in order to make her into
a victim that would help the Knowles consolidate its status among the upper class.” Looking at Tristan’s

expression, which dimmed gradually, Nolan smirked. “You people from the Knowles didn’t need a
daughter. What you needed was a tool that could help you gain benefits, am I right?”

Natasha’s appearance had been outstanding, and she had once been considered a scarce belle of the
entertainment industry. Back then

in Yaramoor, the Knowles had pushed her into the business and political circles because of her
exceptional appearance. And all the men who her beauty had intoxicated would spend a lot of money
just to be able to approach her.

The Knowles had been the ones who profited the most from the benefits given by those men. They had
been treating her as if she was the party girl of the Knowles rather than the daughter of the Knowles.

Tristan’s smile faded bit by bit. But the Knowles never allowed her to suffer.”

“Indeed.” Nolan picked up the coffee that the waiter had just placed on the table, his tone sounding
unconcerned. “She would be of no value if she were to be tarnished by any man, and the Knowles
knew that really well. An unobtainable item is often the most valuable and tempting one.”

Tristan gave off a clear grin. “But when it came to the entertainment industry, it was her choice to set
foot in that field.”

“The entertainment industry is indeed a complicated circle, but it’s at least clearer than yours.”

Nolan put down the cup and brushed across the mouth of the cup with his fingertip. “Regardless of the
desire for power, status, and ambition, no matter how bad the entertainment industry was, it would not
dare to push someone to be a party girl or even a call girl.” Although the entertainment industry was a
complicated circle, most of the people who were living in it did things voluntarily rather than
compulsorily. The entertainment industry in Zlokova was no longer a circle where the prestigious could
do whatever they wanted. All artists had human rights. If anything was forced onto anyone and the

incident was exposed, the reputation of the person who overstepped would be ruined, and no one had
the guts to take the risk.

However, if one was living in the upper-class circle of Yaramoor, the country of capitalism, one who did
not have a powerful background could only become a plaything of the others.

Tristan calmly took a sip of coffee. “But the Knowles are nowhere near as despicable when compared
to the Goldmann, am I right?”

Nolan turned his thumb ring and did not speak.

“Your great-grandfather impregnated the princess before marrying her. He didn’t even marry her
officially in the end.

However, he still managed to get the Goldmanns promoted to royal blood for no reason. As for your
grandfather, he played with Ms. Hathaway’s feelings and only made her into a tool to reproduce
offspring. That definitely provoked the Hathaways, didn’t it?”

Nolan’s expression dimmed in an instant.

Tristan scoffed, but the sneer faded almost immediately. “No matter how bad the Knowles were, we at
least acted responsibly for the sake of our family’s reputation. Even though we used your mother, we
never treated her badly.”

Nolan stood up slowly. “Since Mr. Knowles has nothing else better to say, I’ll take my leave first.”

Seeing him leave, Tristan lifted his eyelids. “Your two kids are studying in a private elementary school,
aren’t they?”

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