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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 796

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Chapter 796

Peter’s wife originated from a wealthy family, and she was the woman that was legally married to the
Zhivkovs. A ruthless man like Peter could not vent his anger on his wife, so it was only natural for his
mistress to suffer.

Barbara picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip from it, but she looked expressionless. Maisie
glanced at her. “Do you regret it?”

She was stunned for a split second and then stared down at the rich coffee in the cup. “I don’t feel
regret. I only feel sad for her.”

“I once felt so for two people too.” Maisie picked up the pen on the table and fiddled with it. “I
sometimes wonder if they would regret it if they were to know what would happen to them in the end.”

Barbara laughed. “Are the two people you mentioned the women who had a thing for Mr. Goldmann?”
Maisie accidentally flung the pen out of her hand. She quickly covered it with her palm so that the pen
would not fall from the table to the floor.

“Must you be so honest?” Maisie felt extremely embarrassed.

Barbara crossed her legs and leaned elegantly on the back of the couch. “Mr. Goldmann is indeed so
charming that so many women are attracted to him. The problem is that they don’t even give a crap
about his wife.”

Maisie rubbed her forehead. She once thought that Nolan was good in almost every aspect of life-the
only downside was that he was extremely popular among the single ladies of Bassburgh. He would
attract plentiful unwanted encounters whenever he left the house.

Putting the topic aside, Maisie asked suddenly, “By the way, is your father close with the leader of the

Barbara shook her head. “I can’t say that they’re close. It’s just that they were colleagues who used to
work together.”

Maisie realized out of the blue that the words that Mr. Boucher had said to Peter that night should be
rather faceted. The Bouchers had only helped the Chases the other day because of Nolan.

Barbara received a text message on her cell phone all of a sudden. No one knew what the text
message was about, but her face turned pale in an instant.

After reading the message, Barbara claimed that something urgent had happened at home and left
Soul immediately.

Maisie could not help but frown, looking at her anxious expression. She thought that something serious
must have happened.

Unsurprisingly, she asked Quincy to help find out about the Chases and discovered that Barbara’s
uncle had gotten into a car accident. It was said that he died while being sent to the hospital.

“Is the news reliable?”

Quincy’s voice came from the other end of the phone call. “It’s definitely reliable.

Although the news hasn’t been released yet, Mr. Michael Chase and Ms. Chase should be on their
way, rushing to the hospital at this moment. The hospital just declared that the rescue procedures have
failed.” Maisie perspired on her forehead out of nervousness. She walked to the couch and sat down
with a gloomy expression.” Barbara’s uncle died abruptly, and her father will step down from his
position in a few days. Isn’t that…” “Mr. Michael Chase’s younger brother was indeed about to take

over, but no one can do so now. It means that the Chases’ connections with the higher-ups of the city
have been severed.”

Maisie pursed her lips.

After ending the call, she stared at her cell phone screen and was lost in a trance. ‘Barbara’s uncle was
about to take over her father’s position but got into a car accident out of the blue. This is quite
coincidental…’ Maise felt that things did not seem that simple.

Quincy hung up the phone and walked into the office. Nolan was standing in front of the French
window, looking into the distance with a cold expression. “Get someone to investigate this accident

Quincy was startled but then nodded.” Understood.” Quincy left the office, and Nolan turned to look at
the screen of his cell phone that was lying on the desk when a text message popped up.

He picked up his cell phone and tapped on the notification. It came from an unknown number.

[Howling’s Golf Course, see you there.)

Nolan drove to Howling’s outdoor golf course, parked his car outside, put on his trench coat, and
entered the facility through its gate.

There was no one on the empty golf course, and the quiet field looked even more serene.

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