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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 799

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Chapter 799

Maizie looked disdainful. “You might not even be able to get Helios to take a fancy to you even if you
were the one to approach him. I don’t want to go for wool and come back with shorn, so Francisco is
the best choice.”

“I’ve tasted defeat when it comes to Helios.

He won’t be captivated by women, is as humorless as a monk, and doesn’t know how to be romantic.
That’s why I dare not put my hope on Helios. I’ll be left with nothing if I lose again this time around.

‘But I’ll still stand a chance if I go for Francisco. I’ve looked into Francisco’s background. Although he
was a good-for-nothing playboy. he hasn’t gotten in touch with any of those women ever since he went
to the training camp a few years earlier.

‘So I must minimize the risk by making Francisco my target. Anyway, he’s one of the young heirs of the
Bouchers, so marrying him won’ t make much of a difference. I’ll still get what I want at the end of the

Katrina opened the drawer abruptly and took her purse out of it. “I can help you out, but I do have a

Maizie looked at her. “What’s that?”

“You can’t betray me no matter what. This is my condition.” Katrina handed her a packet of powder.

Maizie was startled. “What is this?” Katrina sneered. “Something that will turn any man into beasts.”

At the Blue Bay villa…

Maisie was absent-minded while eating. She kept on fiddling with the mashed potatoes on her plate,
but she had not eaten much, not

even a few mouthfuls.

Nolan answered a phone call in the corridor and came back to the dining table. “We’ve looked into the
accident.” Maisie returned to her senses and was dumbfounded. “You’ve looked into the accident?”

He stretched out his hand and caressed her cheek. “I can’t bear to see that you’re so bothered by
someone else’s affairs.”

She chuckled.

Nolan narrowed his eyes. “What are you laughing at?”

“If you hadn’t regained your memories, you would say…” Maisie imitated how he would look when he
was saying something serious to her before he recovered from the amnesia. “You’re always worrying
about other people’s affairs, and I don’t like that.”

Nolan gave off a pregnant smirk. “Do I look that retarded?”

Maisie blinked, realized what he meant, grabbed him by his shoulders, and shook him vigorously, “How
dare you call me a retard!”

Nolan took her into his arms, covered her eyes with his hands, and grinned from ear to ear. “You don’t
look retarded, but cute instead.”

Maisie took his hand off her eyes and stared up at him. “So, what’s the cause of the accident?”

His expression turned slightly solemn. “It was hit by a truck and went over the railing of a 5-meter-high
bridge. Although there was a lake underneath the bridge, he was trapped in the car and couldn’t swim.

That’s why he couldn’t save himself.”

“What about his driver?”

“His driver was unconscious and couldn’t be rescued either.”

Maisie froze in her seat, feeling that something was wrong. “But it was such a huge accident. Didn’t
anyone run into the incident and rescue him in time?”

Nolan squinted. “The incident happened at dawn, and the path they took was a shortcut, so there were
very few vehicles passing by that part of the road so early in the morning. Not to mention that it’s
located on the outskirts of the city. There are no residents who live nearby. so it was already too late
when someone found out about the accident.” Maisie was stunned and lost in a trance.

Why would Barbara’s uncle take a shortcut? If it’s a shortcut, it should be rather isolated. There would
be traffic cameras if he were to choose to take the freeway, and the owner of other vehicles would have
called the police in time if there was an accident.

‘Now, judging from what Nolan just said, the truck driver must have fled the scene, either out of fear of
being held accountable or because he was the one who deliberately caused that accident. ‘This is a
critical period, yet such a huge change occurred in the Chases in just a few days. This is extremely
unfavorable to the Chases.’

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