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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 800

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Chapter 800

Nolan snatched her silverware away from her, placed them on the table, and picked her up. “You’ll get
to eat again later.”

“Nolan Goldmann!” The objection was invalid.

The night was hazy, the music in the bar was deafening, the lights were dazzling in the dimness, the
ladies on the stage were dancing pole dance while the fashionable men and women were drinking in
the booths below the stage.

Francisco and a few friends went to the bar for a drink and some entertainment..

However, no women were sitting next to him, so he was there drinking by himself.

One of the men grinned. “Young Master Boucher, would you like us to get you a bargirl?” Francisco
waved his hand and placed his arm on the edge of the back of the couch. “No, I’m not interested in
getting close with any woman.”

“Yo, Young Master Boucher, it seems that you’ve reformed. You were the one who introduced us to
ladies when we used to come out for a drink.”

“Yeah. Have you quit being a playboy ever since you came back from the training camp?”

Francisco picked up his wine glass and placed it in front of his lips but did not drink from it. “I didn’t quit
being a playboy, it’s just that l’ m looking for someone willing to get into a serious relationship

with me.

“Get into a serious relationship?” Those men stared at Francisco in shock as if the statement that came
out of his mouth was an auditory hallucination!

He was astonished for a split second and put his glass down. “Do you have any comments about my
plan to get into a relationship with


Those men chuckled, picked up their wine glasses, and clinked glasses. “Come on, let’s drink. Cheers.”

Francisco got up and walked toward the restroom when someone rammed into him. He was about to
scold someone, but he realized that it was Maizie when he looked up.

Maizie had dressed herself up glamorously on purpose, and she smiled at Francisco

after bumping into him deliberately. “Mr. Boucher, what a coincidence.” “What are you talking about?
Get out of my sight!” Francisco had a very bad impression of Maizie. It could be said that he despised
her very much. He pushed Maizie away and was about to leave, but Maizie held him back. “Mr.
Boucher, I wish to apologize to you. I’m sorry, I was wrong before this. But don’t you worry, I won’t
pester you again in the future.”

Maizie, who had reflected on herself with a strange expression, and was astonished for a few seconds.

Without giving him the time to react, Maizie summoned a waiter and picked up two glasses of wine
from his tray. “Mr.

Boucher, I propose a toast in order to apologize to you. I’ll finish my glass first to show my sincerity and
respect.” She drank all the wine in the glass until there was not a drop left. After she finished drinking,
she saw that Francisco did not move. “Mr. Boucher, I’m apologizing to you sincerely. Aren’t you going

to accept my apology?” Seeing that she had finished her drink, Francisco thought it would be very
disrespectful for him not to drink at all.

He finished the glass of wine, and Maizie kept staring at him as he swallowed each and every gulp of
the wine.

“Done.” Francisco put down the empty glass and dashed to the bathroom as he had been holding back
for a long time.

Maizie looked at his silhouette that disappeared into the crowd, and the corners of her lips could not
help but twitch.

‘The fish has taken the bait. This is truly a piece of cake.’

At Soul Jewelry…

Maisie arrived at the company very early in the morning and saw the news articles about the Chases.
Reporters even surrounded Barbara and her father outside the funeral parlor for an interview.

She frowned slightly.

‘It seems that the Chases aren’t the ones who broke the news. But the media still found out about the

Barbara had not been able to reply to the message that Maisie had sent her. It was most probably
because she was too busy.



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