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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 802

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Chapter 802

Maisie awkwardly touched her forehead and looked toward Madam Nera. It was obvious that she was
the only one who knew what was happening, and Madam Nera had no idea.

She then looked at Christina, who didn’t look affected when she saw Tristan. She really was the lady of
the house of a well-known family.

Maisie returned to her company and saw Nolan standing in front of the window when she stepped into
her office.

Light shone in his deep-set eyes. “Welcome back.”

Maisie ran into his arms. “Madam Nera asked me out for tea. Mr. Knowles was there too.”

Nolan raised his hand and touched her crown. “I know.”

Maisie looked up at him. “We even bumped into Mr. and Mrs. Boucher. The three of them met, and I felt
pretty awkward sitting there.”

He chuckled. “That must have been complicated.”

Maisie chuckled. “Not really. They mentioned you and asked why you weren’t there. Mr. Knowles said
we should get together when you have the time.”

Nolan sniggered. “He knows who you are.”

Maisie played with his tie. “Not only that, but he even knew that I saw him and Mrs.

Boucher at the theater.”

Nolan lifted Maisie to the desk and leaned forward, putting both his hands on the desk around her. “Did
he warn you?”

“I don’t think so.” She pretended to be wronged and hugged his neck. “If he did warn me, what should I
do? Would he gouge my eyes out


Nolan laughed. “No one would dare. It’s fine if you saw. He has thick skin and isn’t afraid that people
will find out.”

Maisie looked down. “By the way, did you connect Helios with the investment for Eastwood

Nolan nodded.

She raised her eyes. “Did you know that Tristan is Mr. Topaz’s partner?”

He stared at her red lips and answered in a deep voice, “Yes.”

‘You set him up again?”

Nolan chuckled with a deep voice, “Why would I set him up? Do you think Tristan would jeopardize his
own business? His affair with Mrs. Boucher would not affect Helios.”

Helios was investing in Mr. Topaz’s project, and Mr. Topaz was working with Tristan, but he would be
very glad that Helios invested in their project as an investor.

Even if something were going on between Tristan and Mrs. Boucher, Tristan wouldn’t be dumb enough
to tell Helios about it. The Knowles had influence in Yaramoor, not Zlokova. It would be tough if he
caused an issue there.

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