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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 805

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Chapter 805

Barbara’s tone was calm. “Just answer, did you or did you not?” “So what if I did?” Katrina walked into
the building and fished some keys out of her bag. “Your uncle is dead, but your family is trying to hide
that from the outside world. How could I let that happen?”

Barbara said, “Hah, are you involved in my uncle’s car accident?” Katrina frowned. “Yelena, stop this
nonsense. Why would I be involved with your uncle’s death? God is just punishing the Chases and
taking it out on you. How is that my fault?”

Barbara laughed. “How would I know if this was your plan with Peter Zhivkov?” Katrina got out of the
elevator but paused when she heard that. “What are you trying to say?”

“Go ask Mr. Zhivkov.”

Barbara hung up before she could reply. Katrina stood outside her door, and her head started buzzing.
She had a bad feeling about this.

At the Glitz Club… Barbara sat in the dimly-lit room, scrolling through her phone. She saw the message
Maisie had sent but didn’t reply. She couldn’t get others involved in her family matters any longer. She
locked her phone when a man walked in and courteously stood in front of her. “Ms. Chase, your father
asked me to tell you not to get involved with Mr. Zhivkov.”

Barbara didn’t answer.

The man looked at her. “It’s for your own good. The accident is related to the people behind Mr.
Zhivkov. Even if you know he’s involved, he’s a cunning man. The people behind him wouldn’t just
show up. It will only hurt you if you find anything about Mr. Zhivkov.”

She rubbed her temples, “I understand.”

After the man left, Barbara’s face dropped. Peter Zhivkov was indeed cunning. He knew that Katrina
had a bone to pick with the Chases, so he had framed her for it. She probably didn’t even know that
she was a scapegoat.

Her intelligence was her downfall. She had been under the impression that she could use Peter against
the Chases and could be fine.

A few days later…

Ryleigh and Maisie were having lunch at a restaurant. “Have you seen Barbara lately?”

Maisie looked up. “No, is anything wrong?”

Ryleigh pushed her peas around and stopped eating. “That’s weird. She didn’t reply to my messages
and stopped answering the group chat. I heard something happened in her family, do you think…”

“She’s very busy lately.” Maisie took a sip of soup. Other than being busy, Barbara didn’t reply to her
messages or contact them probably because she didn’t want to get them involved. Ryleigh looked at
her clean fingers and remembered something. “Didn’t you design a ring? Why aren’t you wearing it?
Have you not given it to him yet?”

Maisie smiled. “There’s no need to rush. I’m going to give it to him on his birthday.”

Ryleigh suddenly understood. “You’re planning to surprise him. That’s what you would do.”

“When you and Louis settle down, you can come to me to get your ring designed too.”

Maisie smiled knowingly and opened up her hand. “I’ll give you a 50% discount.”

Ryleigh awkwardly looked away and mumbled, “It’s best not to…”

Maisie took a sip of her soup. “What’s wrong?”

She looked around and leaned in, then whispered, “I suspect that… Louis… might have some weird

Maisie was curious. Ryleigh put her hand next to her face to cover it. “He wants me to dress up in
school uniform.”

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