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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 803

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Chapter 803

Nolan raised her chin and stared at her red lips. *There’s no need for that. He didn’t come to Zlokova
for us, but this old man is a little annoying. It’s best to keep contact to a minimum.”

“Is he here for,” Before she could finish, Nolan smiled slyly. “Not the Bouchers either.”

“What then?”

Nolan covered her eyes. “There’s a Knowles boy in Daisie and Colton’s class, do you remember?”

Maisie was surprised. “That boy?”

Nolan stood up straight. “He’s the son of Tristan’s nephew, the young Mr. Knowles.”

Maisie was shocked.

That child was the youngest Mr. Knowles.” But why is he studying in Zlokova?”

Nolan walked aside. “It is probably safer to be away from the family.”

At the hotel…

When Francisco awoke, he had a splitting headache, and his brain was foggy.

When he saw the naked woman lying next to him, he sat up in shock, looked down on his own naked
body, and was just lost.

When the woman woke up, Francisco immediately covered his body. “You…”

When he saw the woman’s face, he lost it.” You!?”

Maizie pretended to feel sad. “Don’t you remember what happened last night?” “Last night?” Francisco
had no recollection. He remembered going into the toilet and feeling uncomfortable when he returned
to his seat, so he had excused himself and left.

And then…

A woman was helping him.

Maizie whispered, “Francisco, you said you weren’t feeling well. I was going to send you to the hospital,
but y-you…”

She bit her lip. “You did this to me.” Francisco sat there looking blank and spoke after a long time. “No,
no way… Why don’t I remember anything?”

Maizie feared up. “You ate me up, and now you’re trying to bail!?”

Francisco held his forehead. How did this happen? He could have slept with anyone, but why her?

Maizie got closer to him. “Francisco…”

He suddenly pushed her aside. “Don’t touch me!”

Francisco had a huge reaction and looked disgusted. He picked up his clothes, which were scattered
all over the floor, and ran into the bathroom.

He turned the shower up to wash away the filth. He had slept with a woman like Maizie. He wanted to
peel his own skin off.

Unfortunately, he had zero recollection. Had he really touched her? Why hadn’t he felt anything? He
wasn’t a pious man, but how could he have done anything if he had lost consciousness?

Maizie sat on the bed listening to the sound of the running water and thinking of how disgusted
Francisco looked. Her eyes turned dark.

She had finally got him to the hotel last night, but he was out cold at the most crucial moment.

She sent a message to ask Katrina what was in the drug and why it didn’t work. Katrina replied: (Did
you drop it in alcohol?] Maizie: (What else should I have done?]

Katrina: (Read the instructions),

Maizie took out whatever was left in the bag and saw ‘Does not work with alcohol and almost died of

She had wasted all that energy! She had to make Francisco think that they had slept together, no
matter what. When she heard that the shower was turned off, she put her phone down.

Francisco came out of the bathroom, and she put on a sad face. “I know you hate me, but this already
happened, and it’s not like ! wanted it to. Don’t… Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to take responsibility.

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