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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 809

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Chapter 809

“No! Don’t come in!” Maisie shouted nervously.

The smile on Nolan’s face deepened.

After a short while, the door was opened. Maisie had changed into the outfit as she came out of the
dressing room embarrassingly.

“I’m sure you did it on purpose. Look at this costume…”

The dress was short, and the lacy hem was fluffy. The W-shaped collar was deep, allowing her fair skin
to be exposed to the air. The waistline of the dress was designed so as to accentuate her tiny waist,
and coupled up with the pairs of black stockings that wrapped

around her legs like a glove, she looked extremely charming and sexy.

Initially, Nolan just wanted to see her in a maid’s outfit. He did not expect that she would look so good
in it.

On top of that, the embarrassed and nervous expression on her face made her look like a lamb to be
slaughtered. His Adam’s apple rolled up and down in his throat, and his gaze was filled with desire.

Maisie could see what he was thinking through his gaze. Just when she was about to run back to the
dressing room, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pinned her to the wall.

He kept her head in place and landed passionate kisses on her one after another.

Slowly, she melted in his arms. Her soul was burning in his blazing desire, and she was bobbing up
and down like a person clutching tightly to a floating log in the sea.

Once again, the Glitz Club lit up the night sky. The room upstairs was dark, and a ray of neon light
shone on the bed through the window

When Barbara cracked her eyes open, she felt so much pain in her head as if someone was
hammering her head with a sledgehammer. She slowly got herself up and switched on the lamp on the
desk, filling the room with a warm yellow light.

Massaging her forehead, she exited the room. When she was in the corridor, she heard a woman
screaming painfully in a low voice from a room.

Barbara froze and slowly walked toward the room where the voice came from. It was a utility room at
the back of the corridor. The voice became even clearer when she was standing at the door. It sounded
familiar to her.

‘Isn’t this… Katrina?’

Just when she put her hand on the handle and was about to push the door open to look at it, a voice
came behind her.

“Ms. Chase.”

Her shoulders shook, and she turned around to see the manager was walking toward her.

The manager offered her a smile and said,” Since you’re awake, you should go home now. If not, your
father will be worried about you.” Inside this room… The manager maintained the smile on his face and
replied, “It’s nothing. We’re just punishing a misbehaving employee.”

Barbara did not ask any more questions. She looked at the room one last time before turning around
and left the floor.

After she came out of the Glitz Club, Barbara pulled her phone out and made a call to Katrina, but
Katrina did not answer the phone.

She was pretty certain that the voice she had heard just now belonged to Katrina, and she wondered
what they had done to her.

Her phone rang again, and it was Maisie.

She answered the call, and Maisie said,” Come to my office tomorrow. I have something to give you.”

Barbara was stunned for a moment before asking, “What happened to your voice?”

Maisie jerked her head around to stare at Nolan, who looked perfectly fine, and cleared her throat.
“Nothing. I shouted myself hoarse when I was scolding someone today.”

Barbara flagged herself a cab at the junction and said, “Alright. I’ll go to your office tomorrow.”

After they hung up the call, Maisie threw the pillow at Nolan and snarled, “This is all your fault!”

Nolan grabbed the pillow and put the document down. He hugged her from the back and rested his
chin on her shoulder. The smile on his face deepened as he said,” Yeah. It’s all my fault. I should’ve
controlled myself.”

The next day, at Soul…

Maisie was wearing a purple turtle-neck sweater with a black leather skirt. She looked elegant and

Standing in front of the table, she drank a large gulp of water to soothe her throat until Barbara
appeared in the doorway.

She rubbed her temples and sat down on the couch. “I drank too much last night. My head feels like
someone is hitting it with a hammer

Maisie put the cup down and handed the USB drive in her hand to Barbara.

Barbara was dumbfounded. “What is this?”

“There is a video about you inside. I asked Nolan to get it from Katrina’s phone the other day

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