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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 810

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Chapter 810

Barbara took over the USB drive. She looked at Maisie incredulously and said,” You…” Maisie sat in
front of her and interrupted,” What can you do by yourself? I’m sure you know what’s going on with
your family, and you all are very vulnerable right now. Even if you want to explain, do you think those
people will believe in you if you don’t have any evidence?”

Barbara frowned. After a long while, she sighed. “We still haven’t found the cause of my uncle’s death.
My father has other things to attend to, so he can’t do anything. Honestly, I really don’t know what to

She lifted her head to look at Maisie, and her eyes were filled with gratitude. “I didn’t expect you to help
me so much.”

Maisie lowered her head. Honestly, she had no idea why she wanted to help Barbara as well Perhaps it
was because she could see her past self in Barbara.

She smiled and replied, “We’re friends, right? When my friend is in trouble, I can’t just sit back and do

Barbara was stunned. She put the USB back into her bag, rose to her feet, and smiled. “Then I can’t let
you do me this favor for nothing.” The discussion on the Internet was getting more and more intense.
While the netizens were making all sorts of speculation, Barbara posted something on her Facebook.

#If I’m guilty, I’ll let the law decide my fate. If my background represents everything,

I’d rather be the worst person in the world.#

As soon as Barbara published the post, some netizens who did not believe in her began to throw all
sorts of cynical comments at her. #Hah, you’ve killed someone. I don’t understand how you have the

guts to say something like that.#

#If you didn’t seduce him, would he try to violate you?#

#Do you think you can run away from legal liability just because you have a good father? Even if he
tried to violate you, did you really have to kill him? Stop trying to clear your name. You’re only making
things worse. A person like you should just go to prison.# #Are you guys serious? He tried to violate
her. Why do you guys say it was her fault, and she tried to seduce him instead? Is it because she’s a
woman, so she deserves to be assaulted? Since when has the moral value of the netizens of our
country become so crooked?#

#Are you her family? Why are you standing up for her?#

When Barbara came out of the lawyer’s office with her bodyguards, the media reporters surrounded

“Ms. Chase, did you come to the lawyer’s office with the intention of reversing the verdict?” “Ms. Chase,
it’s said that you accidentally killed him when you were defending yourself. Did your father participate in
the case back then ? If not, why did you change your name when you were sent abroad? Is that to
avoid public opinion?” All of them stuck their cameras on Barbara’s face. Barbara was expressionless
and did not respond to them. She walked to the car with her bodyguard in front of her. “Murderer! You
should go to prison!”

Someone pretended to be a reporter and threw an egg at Barbara. The egg fell on her head. The egg
trickled down her hair, leaving her in a mess.

The bodyguards went up to restrain the group of people attempting to start a ruckus. When those
people saw the reporters were all filming, they laughed maniacally. “What do you want to beat us up in
front of the reporters? Fine, do it, let everyone see your true faces.

Barbara took over the tissue paper handed to her by the bodyguards and wiped the egg off her body.
After that, she turned to look at the bodyguard and said, “Let them go.”

The group of bodyguards released them.

Barbara took her sunglasses down and looked at them. “Are you guys police officers?”

The group of people was stunned.

Barbara then continued calmly. “If you guys aren’t police officers, then you don’t have the right to
assume that I’m guilty. Do you know that attacking other people on the street openly can land you in
jail? Besides, I believe in justice. I wanted to reverse the verdict because I think I’m innocent. I did
nothing wrong. Even if it happens again, I won’t regret it.”

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