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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 820

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Chapter 820

The man chuckled. “He is just a pawn, so he has to bear the consequences when something happens.
I guess he wants to run away.”

The bodyguard asked, “We-” “Get Katrina to trick the man to the club. We have his son, so he won’t run

The truck drove to the border of Asperia with Saydie and the men trapped at the back with the goods.
The few men were Gerald’s and had different degrees of injury. Only Saydie had a scratch that wasn’t
deep or shallow. She quickly got out of the ropes that bound her and turned on her phone, which had a
weak signal in the dark, “Are you all alright?” she asked.

They all answered.

Saydie got up. “Does anyone have a flashlight?”

“Yes,” One man answered weakly and passed the flashlight to her.

Saydie held it in her hand and then walked in front of the goods. The crates were for wine. She pulled
out her switchblade and cracked one open.

A man with short hair who was not severely injured walked next to her and helped her shine the light.
“What are these?”

“No idea,” Saydie answered. When she opened up the crate, the man gasped. They were all artifacts!

The man’s voice broke. “That’s why they were so anxious. They were making a shady trade. These are
all smuggled goods.”

Once these were sold, the profit would be tens of millions of dollars. They had sent them to the black
market to distract the police.

However, they might have suspected something, so they hijacked the truck and changed the route.
Instead of going into Bassburgh, they went to Asperia.

Saydie had a weak signal on her phone, so she walked to the locked doors of the truck.

Although the signal was still weak, she got the message that Quincy had sent.

Unfortunately, she lost the signal, so she couldn’t reply.

At the Blue Bay villa…

Maisie hadn’t slept the entire night because she was too worried about Saydie while Nolan waited for
news in the study. When dawn broke, he tiredly rubbed his forehead, walked out of the study, and saw
Maisie sleeping on the couch. Nolan walked toward her and gently carried her upstairs. Maisie had a
dream where Saydie collapsed in front of her covered in blood, and she jolted up, then calmed down. It
was just a dream.

Nolan walked out of the shower with a towel around his waist while he dried his hair with another.
When he saw Maisie awake and sweating as if she was scared, h e tossed the towel onto the counter.

“What’s wrong?” He walked to the edge of the bed and sat down, moving the hair that was stuck to her
lips away.

Maisie put her forehead on his shoulder. “I had a nightmare. We didn’t get news the entire night. I
dreamt that Saydie was covered in blood.”

Nolan smiled and kissed her crown. “It’s just a dream. Quincy got in touch with Saydie. She’s fine.” She
looked up. “Really?”

Nolan pinched her nose. “Would I lie to you about this?”

Maisie suddenly remembered something and grabbed around for her phone. “What time is it?”

He calmly said, “10:00 a m.”

He then got up and changed into his pants.

Maisie switched her phone on and realized there were two messages, one from Quincy and the other
from Barbara.

Quincy had left a voice message, saying he had gotten in touch with Saydie and that she was fine and
told her not to worry.

Barbara needed help urgently and asked to meet her at a cafe at noon.

She replied to Quincy’s message.

At 11:00 a m., Maisie drove to the cafe and walked to the loft, where she saw Barbara and two
bodyguards waiting outside.



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