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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 828

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Chapter 828

“Are you the owner of the Glitz Club?”

The man opened his mouth slowly. “Yes. And you’re Elie’s friend. I’ve heard of you, Mrs. Goldmann.”

Maisie was taken aback.

‘He just addressed Barbara as Elie. It seems like they’re very close to each other, but Barbara claimed
that she’s never met him.’

Maisie lowered her gaze. “Since you already know who I am, I’ll cut to the chase. I’m here looking for
her. She might be in trouble, that’s why I suspect,”

The man clasped both his hands and placed them flat on the table. “You suspect that it’s us, don’t

Maisie did not answer.

The man continued solemnly. “I’ll hurt anyone in the world, anyone except Elie. I wouldn’t let her
interfere in Zhivkov’s affairs for her own good. If I’m not mistaken, she’s indeed in some sort of trouble
at this very moment.”

Maisie lifted her gaze and glanced at him. “I s Ms. Zalensky in your custody?”

He did not deny it. “Yes, I’ve detained her.”

‘Sure enough…’

Maisie seemed to have understood something. “You should be somehow connected to the Chases.
Otherwise, you wouldn’t help Barbara like how you did. Since you know her, why didn’t you let her

know about you?”

The man raised his hand and adjusted the glasses’ frame on the bridge of his nose but did not answer
her question. “I need you to do me a favor, Mrs. Goldmann. In return, I’ll provide you with an important
piece of information, which will be very useful to you.”

Helios and Barbara were locked away in the same room, the door was guarded, and even the windows
were welded and fortified with iron bars.

Apart from the bathroom, there was no piece of furniture in the room, not even a stool. The two of them
could only sit on the floor and lean against the wall on each side of the room.

Helios kept looking out the window, thinking about something. Barbara sat on the floor, curled into a
ball, and stared at the floor in a daze.

After a long, awkward silence, she asked,

Are we going to die here?’

Helios retracted his gaze and turned to look at her. “No.”

She lifted her head. “You don’t look worried at all.”

Helios scoffed. “If these people really wanted to kill us, they would’ve already done it by now. There
must be a reason they’re detaining us here, so we’ll be safe for another short period.”

‘But of course, it would only be a short period. The reason Tony Grant would abduct us is to restrain the
Chases and the Bouchers. He’ll suffer if he kills us now and provokes Father and Michael Chase.’

Barbara took her cell phone out and took a glance at it. The phone still had no signal.” When will we get
to get out of this place?”

Helios closed his eyes, planning to get

some rest. “Wait patiently. I believe that someone will manage to locate ns.”

There was some commotion outside the door, and a man came in with a bag. He then placed the bag
on the floor and said with an expressionless face, “This is your dinner for tonight. Don’t starve
yourselves to death.”

The man left the room and locked the door again. Barbara stood up, walked toward the bag, opened it,
and found two fast-food meals.

“They didn’t even give us any water,” she complained.

She turned her head and stared at the indifferent man before placing the other set meal next to him.
“This might not be one of the nutritious meals you’re used to having, so just put up with it.” Helios
opened his eyes and took a glance at Barbara, who had just taken her meal walked back to the other
side of the room, and sat down by the wall.

He then stared at the meal next to him, hesitated for a moment, picked it up, and opened it.

It contained a lot of vegetables and only a few pieces of meat, making it look very unappetizing.

He frowned when he saw Barbara eating her dinner by herself. “Don’t you… Don’t you think it tastes

“It doesn’t taste good.” Barbara looked calm as if she had accepted it. “But you’re the one who’s going
to suffer later on if you don’t eat it now.”

Helios did not say anything. He was about to grab his fork when he suddenly froze in place and looked
a little embarrassed.” They didn’ t give me any utensils.”

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