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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 862

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Chapter 862

Nolan did not speak.

Maisie walked around him to get in front of him and stared up at him, and she grinned from ear to ear.
“Is my hubby angry?”

Nolan took a deep breath and toned his tense expression down. He then lowered his head and held
her hand: “I’m fine, I’ll go and take a shower first. You’ve been busy all day, so you should have a good
rest tonight.”

Even though he was upset, he knew that Maisie had been really busy recently. After all, she was his
wife, so he had to be a little more understanding when it came to her.

Seeing Nolan walking toward the bathroom, Maisie burst into a chuckle. I’ve been deliberately using
the excuse of being busy to neglect him and did not mention his birthday to him throughout these few
days. I think he must be very sad now.

‘I might have to make it up for him tonight.’

After Nolan finished taking a shower and got changed into his nightgown, he came out of the bathroom
and saw Maisie lying on the bed seductively, staring at him with her head resting on the palm of her

The moonlight outside the window pierced through the curtains and shone on her smooth and delicate
skin, and the silk nightdress was draping over her body, showcasing her beautiful figure.

Nolan narrowed his eyes, thought of something, and the corners of his lips twitched. He walked up to
the bed, leaned over, placed his hand on Maisie’s side, and kissed her.

After a few short minutes of passionate kisses and strokes, he pulled the blanket with his hand abruptly
and wrapped every inch of her in the blanket

Maisie was caught off guard.

Nolan rolled over, lay down on his side of the bed, hugged the person in the blanket, and chuckled.
“Sleep tight.”

“Nolan, you…”

“Good night.” Nolan printed a kiss on her forehead and lay down, really trying to get some sleep.

Maisie was stunned.

‘Is this fella doing it on purpose?’

She stretched her hand out of the blanket and poked his cheek with her fingertips.”

Nolan, I want.”

Nolan turned around, hugged her in his arms, rested his chin on her head, and held back his chuckle.
“Go to sleep already.”

Maisie was rendered speechless.

‘F*ck, he’s really doing this on purpose!’

Nolan really fell asleep at the end, while Maisie was hit by insomnia.

When she woke up the next day, Nolan had already woken up before she did, made breakfast, and left
a note for her before heading to the company.

The rugrats did not have to go to school on the weekends, so they slept until 9:00 a m. before they
woke up.

Maisie poured them some warm milk to go with the breakfast.

Daisie grabbed the mug and asked,

Mommy, will Wayion come back during the winter break? I miss him.”

Maisie paused for a split second and rubbed her on the head. “Yeah, Wayion will come back to
accompany you guys during the winter break.”

Wayion and Titus were abroad, so Maisie knew that Wayion’s great-grandfather would definitely take
good care of him. But the three rugrats were used to sticking together throughout their whole lives, and
she did not know if Wayion would be able to get used to being alone.

Looking at these two children, Maisie actually felt quite remorseful.

‘If it weren’t for the accident that took place three years ago, I wouldn’t have separated myself from
them in such a hurry and without any notice. Not to mention the unborn baby…

‘However, everyone has to look forward in life, and with Nolan and these three kids accompanying me
in the future, I no longer need anything extra.

Lulupici VUL

Maisie waited for the children to finish their breakfast before sending them back to the Goldmann

While she was on her way to the company, she received a call from Barbara. “The venue for the
birthday banquet has been confirmed. Do you want to come and take a look at the place?”

Maisie was surprised. “Wow, that was quick!”

Barbara explained, “Your cousin, Mr. Lucas, is paying for this, so, of course, it has to be quick. We’ll
wait for you here, and I’ll send you the address.”

– Looking at the address that Barbara sent her, Maisie made a U-turn and drove toward Bass Wave
Port, which was located in the

administrative district of Bassburgh.

Bass Wave Port was the largest seaport in Bassburgh, and it also had the most magnificent night view
that was why it was called the Night Pearl of Bassburgh.

There were complexes of prosperous skyscrapers on both sides of the wide bay. During the day, the
whole location would be lying under a vast blue sky, which was then embellished with white clouds and
the clear ocean. Small boats and giant ships entered and left the harbor every single day. While at
night, it would become a place that had a splendid night scene and bright shimmering lights.

Maisie parked her car at the port, and as soon as she got off the car, she saw Barbara and Ryleigh
both standing on a sightseeing cruise ship berthed in the harbor and waving at her.

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