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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 870

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Chapter 870

At Royal Crown…

Morgan Lynch placed the tablet on Helios’ desk, showing that he was trending on Twitter.

Heliod picked up the tablet and read. He was surprised.

Morgan asked, “Are you really in a relationship?”

“No.” Helios frowned. This had been taken on the day he sent Barbara home.

“There’s a huge argument online. Your fans are arguing with cyber troopers. You were just on
magazine covers with Mr.

Goldmann not too long ago, and now you are rumored to be in a relationship. The fans who shipped
you two together are not having any of this.

Once the fans accepted a shipped couple, it would stay that way. Many of the fans would become
obsessed with the couple and would not be able to accept their ship being destroyed.

Helios didn’t say anything.

Morgan said, “I should post a tweet to clarify.”

“No.” Helios put down the tablet and rubbed the bridge of his nose, “If someone is paying the cyber
troopers, there’s no point in clarifying. And…”

He looked up at Morgan. “The ship is fake. I can’t date men for the rest of my life.”

He knew that he had passed the age of idols’, and there was no longer the need to stay single. If his
fans understood, would he care what others were saying?

At the same time, Maisie read the news in her office. She knew the apartment well. It was where
Barbara lived.

Were they followed by the paparazzi when he drove Barbara home?’

Ryleigh called her. “Zee, something happened to Barbara. A bunch of fans are congregating at her
apartment. I don’t know how they found her address. We’re both stuck!”

Maisie got up. ‘What about the security team there?”


“There are just a few of them, and they couldn’t control them. Heavens, they’re coming up.” Ryleigh
sounded anxious. “…I don’t know what to do.”

“Have you called the police?”

“Yes, but they’re not here yet,” It was getting noisy on Ryleigh’s end, and then loud knocking sounds
came from the door.

Maisie frowned and took out her car keys.” Call the police again. I’m coming over right now.”

Ryleigh stood behind the door and was worried it wouldn’t hold much longer upon hearing the
commotion outside.

Barbara paced around her home. Helios had been caught on the ground floor of the apartment. If there
was only that one photo, how did they know which floor and unit she was staying at?

Something felt fishy.

The door suddenly shook. Someone was trying to kick down the door, and Barbara lost it. “I’m going to
talk to them.”

Ryleigh stopped her. “You’ll be torn apart if you go outside now. Don’t go.”

They didn’t know if the fans outside were really her cousin’s fans. Not only were they impulsive, but
they also weren’t really logical. If she went out now, she would be torn to pieces.

“Are we just going to wait for them to come in?” Barbara had no intention of waiting any longer. She
couldn’t stand there and watch them break into her home.

Ryleigh kept looking at her phone and was anxious out of her mind. “Why are the police not here yet!”

“I’m going out to clear things up.” Barbara walked to the door and was going to turn the knob, but
Ryleigh pulled her back.” You wait here. I’ll go out.”

“Ryl-” Before Barbara could speak, Ryleigh opened and immediately closed the door and yelled at the
people in the corridor

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