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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 915

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Chapter 915

Maisie rubbed the bridge of her nose.” Ryleigh Hill, are you dumb or what? You’re engaged to Louis,
and you dare to stay at Joe’s place for one whole night after grabbing a drink with him? Do you know
what the public will do to people like you? They’ll slaughter you on the Internet.”

“I was in a bad mood that day.” Ryleigh propped her head against her arm and stared blankly at the
table. “His exgirlfriend had to attend a dinner, and why didn’t he think about my feelings and our
engagement when he went to the banquet with her as her male companion?

Maisie narrowed her eyes.

Ryleigh laughed out loud abruptly. “The engagement is just a faqade. If it weren’t for the marriage that
the two families arranged, his ex might even be able to get back together again with him.”

Maisie supported her chin with her hand. “If Louis really wants to go back to Xyla, your engagement
with him would’ve gone down the sewage ages ago. Maybe there’s another reason for him to
accompany Xyla to the dinner. Didn’t he explain it to you?”

Ryleigh did not say anything.

Barbara looked at her. “She didn’t even give Mr. Lucas the chance to explain before dragging me to
Glitz for a drink, and that was how things went downhill since then.”

Ryleigh calmed herself down, suppressed all the facial emotions, and tried her best to force a happy
smile. “Okay, let’s not talk about these things today. I’m starving already, and I want to eat. Waiter, can I
have the menu?”

Maisie and Barbara exchanged gazes.

Although Ryleigh pretended to be unconcerned on the surface, she really cared a lot about it deep
down. After eating, Maisie drove Ryleigh back to the academy to pick up her backpack.

Maisie asked, “Do you need me to send you back?’.

Ryleigh waved. “I’m fine. I drove here by myself this morning. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Maisie watched as she entered the academy, then stayed back for a moment before driving the car


Ryleigh was on the ground floor of the office building when she looked up and saw Xyla coming

Her footsteps froze in place for a split second. She then bit her lip and went upstairs in a hurry,
pretending that she did not see her.

Xyla stopped her when she passed by. “Ms. Hill.”

Ryleigh stopped and turned around.” What’s the matter?” Xyla sensed her hostility, but she responded
with a smile. “I have something to tell you.”

“Forget it, I know what you want to say.” Ryleigh crossed her arms and turned her face away. “Don’t
worry, I’ll terminate my engagement with Louis. You and Louis have my blessing.” Before Xyla could
speak, Ryleigh had already turned around and was about to leave. However, Louis was standing at the
stairwell entrance, and it seemed that he had been there for quite some time.

He also seemed to have heard what Ryleigh just said, and his expression dimmed instantly.

Ryleigh was stunned and froze in place for a short moment, but the draught in the corridor dragged her
back from the trance, and she dashed past Louis’ side and headed upstairs.

Ryleigh did not dare to stop, let alone look back. She ran back to her office and closed the door. The
lecturers in the office had already gotten off work, and no one was there to witness her in a daze.

She took a deep breath to calm herself down before starting to pack her backpack.

She walked to the stairs and saw Louis still leaning against the wall, waiting for her, and she turned
back immediately. Louis went after her, caught up to her, dragged her backward, and pushed her
against the wall. “Are you serious about canceling the engagement?”

Seeing that Ryleigh did not speak, he clutched her shoulders with his palms. ” You really are still
thinking about Joe Watson, aren’t you?” “What nonsense are you talking about? Joe and I are just
ordinary friends, and nothing is going on between us. Even if something is truly going on between us,
you have no right to control how I make my choices, so let me go!”

Ryleigh’s shoulders hurt from his grasp. After a few more struggles, Louis clasped her hands, lifted
them above her head, lowered his head, and sealed her lips.

She could only protest with a series of muffled groans, but he forcibly pried open her lips, leaving no
gap for her even to


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