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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 925

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Chapter 925

“After all, the Knowles brought up my mother,” Nolan replied flatly. He did not like the Knowles, but he
couldn’t deny that it was the Knowles that had raised his mother despite the fact they raised her for a

Madam Hathaway frowned and said, “I don’t know much about the Knowles, but from what Yorrick has
said, it has something to do with their heir.”

“Heir?” Nolan frowned. “I thought the Knowles only had one heir?”

Madam Hathaway told him that Elder Master Knowles had two sons, but they were not born from the
same mother. The son of his first wite was Sam, and he was Rick’s father.

After Elder Master Knowles’ first wife passed away, he married another woman who was about the
same age as his eldest son and gave birth to Tristan. Therefore, Tristan was 8 years older than his
nephew, Rick. Generally speaking, Nollace should be the heir since he was Sam’s eldest grandson.
However, Tristan’s mother, the second wife of Elder Master Knowles, didn’t want Nollace to lead the
Knowles. The Knowles were under the control of Madam Knowles after Elder Master Knowles passed
away. Sam was physically ill in recent years , and taking care of himself was all he could manage.
Although Rick had married the princess of the royal family, the princess had discarded her identity the
moment she became one of the Knowles. In other words, the royal family was not going to interfere in
the affairs of the Knowles.

Madam Hathaway’s face was stern as she said, “Sam could still lead the Knowles before he was ill. If
Rick hadn’t sent that kid away, he might have already died by now.”

Nolan tapped the table with his finger from time to time. “In this case, Tristan had the chance to inherit
the Knowles, but he didn’t.”

If Tristan wanted to inherit the Knowles, there were plenty of ways he could make Noilace die in an
accident in another country.

However, Nolan was kind of surprised that Tristan would ask him to protect Noilace

Madam Hathaway smiled and said, “That woman doesn’t want her son to inherit the Knowles. I heard
that she loathes him to the core. If not, she wouldn’t have adopted your mother back then.”

Nolan was stunned and fell silent.

Quincy knocked on the door, and Nolan hung up the call with Madam Hathaway. Quincy pushed the
door and came in. He walked up to the desk and put the document on the table. “Mr. Goldmann, this is
the information about the eldest grandson of the Knowles.” Nolan took the document and glanced
through it. Then, he frowned. Nollace had been kidnapped once when he was 6. A month had already
passed when the police found him in the slum.

Nolan looked through the photos in the news, and Quincy said, ‘The news was blocked in Yaramoor by
Master Knowles that year. I guess he didn’t want anyone to know about it.’

Squinting his eyes, Nolan asked, “What happened to those kidnappers?”

Quincy lowered his head and replied,” They’re already dead.” Nolan lifted his head to look at Quincy
and fell into contemplation.

Noilace had been kidnapped. The police had found him unharmed in the slums one month later. Those
kidnappers were dead.

“How could a 6-year-old boy escape from those kidnappers? Could it be that someone stepped in and
saved him?

Besides, those kidnappers… They shouldn’t have died by accident.” At Bassburgh Private School…

The students in the class were rehearsing for the Christmas party. Christmas was only a few days
away, and the students were putting up decorations and lights in their class.

Daisie was drawing on the blackboard on a stool. Since she was particularly gifted in drawing and had
good grades, she served as an art committee member.

Colton was sleeping on the table. Suddenly, someone put the Christmas ornaments on his desk and
said, “You go hang these up.”

Colton raised his head and saw Nollace. He did not want to move and said, “Aren’t you the class
president? Why don’t you go hang them up?”

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