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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 930

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Chapter 930

Johnny was stunned and did not speak.

Maisie looked at her fingernails and said casually, “It seems that it was their mistake for not making you
stay in prison for the rest of your life for what happened back then.”

Johnny’s expression changed slightly, and he mistook Maisie for the person who had helped Barbara
back then. “What happened back then… What happened back then was set up by Katrina. We were
just her pawns.”

Maisie lifted her gaze and stared at him, giving him an eerie feeling. “I admit, I only wanted to vent my
anger. That’s why I went looking for Katrina and asked her to compensate us with some money. After
all, that b*tch was the one who got us in prison.

“But after that bitch died, I could only…”

She squinted slightly, and her eyes looked sharp. “Katrina died because of money.

Could it be that the money was for you?” Johnny faltered. “I-I did ask her for money, but her death has
nothing to do with me. I don’t even know why and how she died inexplicably.”

“How much did you ask from her?”


Maisie understood everything now. ‘Katrina needed $8,000,000 urgently, and she blackmailed Maizie to
get her hands on the money, which led her to her demise. However, the $8,000,000 was actually the
term that Johnny named, so she had no choice but to go to Maizie for the money.’

She leaned on the couch and laughed.”

This is really interesting. Katrina chose to push her luck and died in order to get you money. And after
she died, you came to Barbara looking for trouble. So Barbara still has to suffer your persecution as the
victim of the past?”

Johnny felt a jolt of coldness down his spine. “Ma’am, I won’t do so again, I promise.” “What can you do
to keep the promise?” Maisie’s eyes looked cold and stern. “I’ll only be giving you another chance to
commit crimes if I let you go this time around, right?” “I-I really won’t do so anymore! Ma’am, I beg you,
I really don’t want to go back to prison again. I’ve turned over a new leaf.” Johnny begged and almost
knelt in front of her.

Maisie sneered. “If everything can be forgiven, then is what she’s just experienced what she

Johnny was astonished, and all blood had been drained from his cheeks.

Maisie fiddled with the wine glass on the table and smiled coldly. “Do you know that I despise those
scumbags who rape women the most? These scumbags will always go back to their old ways
whenever a chance to reform is presented to them. Since you like to force things so much, I’ll let you
live your dream today.”

Maisie summoned a man in black and whispered something to him. The man in black then dragged a
man out of the private room.

Johnny’s scalp tingled upon hearing the man’s screams.

Ten minutes later, the man in black dragged the man back in, and Maisie stood up. “Bring everyone
else out, leave them both in the box The two of you, guard the door, don’t let anyone get killed in the


The two men in black who were left behind nodded, and the rest left the private room

Johnny noticed that something was wrong with the man, and his expression changed: n an instant. He
shouted, “Don’t leave me here! Please, please take me out!” Outside the room, when the two men in
black closed the door, they could not help but feel tense upon witnessing the actions taking place inside
the room.

‘This is really cruel. This is 100 times more ruthless than how Mr. Goldmann punishes us!”

Before Quincy could ask about the situation, he heard Johnny’s screams coming from inside the room
suddenly. He did not even have to look as he already knew what was happening. He gulped his saliva
as goosebumps ran throughout his entire body.

This will be a humiliation for life!’

Maisie returned to the Blue Bay villa and took off her shoes after entering the entryway. She then saw
Nolan sitting on the couch,

flipping through the beauty magazines that she had left on the table.

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