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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 935

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Chapter 935

Helios pinched her cheek, “You’re not old, you’re mature.”

No matter her appearance or temperament, Barbara did not look anything near an innocent young girl.
She had always had a mature and elegant charm, and her facial features looked very regal, as well as
very recognizable. Celebrities who looked like this in the entertainment industry would usually go for
the sovereign or sexy character setting and style.

As for Michelle, she was only 20 years old, she was young, and she went for the fair, young, and
energetic style. However, celebrities with these character settings were in abundance in the
entertainment industry.

Still, Barbara seemed to care a lot about it and turned her face away. “Mature is also considered old in
my dictionary.”

Helios wrapped his arms around her.

Barbara was stunned and turned to look at him in surprise.

On the other hand, Helios smiled hoarsely.” But I like it, and that’s all that matters.”

Barbara was startled again. She was so touched that it seemed like a firework had been set off in her
heart. She then raised her head and kissed his lips.

Helios lowered his gaze, clasped the back of her neck with his palm, and intensified the kiss. While all
these were happening, he wrapped her in a whirlpool of warmth, causing her to forget everything about
the cold winter.

There was a snowfall outside-the snowflakes landed on the glass windows, and the frost blurred the

On Christmas…

The private elementary school was very lively. All classes were filled with very warm and cozy
decorations, and even the campus was decorated with lights to celebrate Christmas.

On that day, the school was open to the public, and the students’ parents could also visit their children
and the teachers and even watch performances on campus.

“Dad, Mom, am I pretty today?”

Daisie was wearing a red skirt that had white velvet edges and a pair of short boots. She also had a
Christmas hat on and one pigtail on each side of her head. She looked very adorable and pretty.

She approached her parents and turned around in a circle. Maisie raised her hand to adjust the
crooked hat for her and smiled. “You look pretty. so beautiful.”

Nolan looked at Maisie. “She resembles you more and more as she grows up.”

Maisie snorted softly. “I’m the one who gave birth to her, so, of course, she’s going to resemble me. I’ll
be demned if I allow all three of

them to look like you.

‘It’s not an issue for the two boys to resemble their father. But if my daughter were not to resemble me
too, I’d be scoring my genes with an F.”

Daisie pouted, “I think it’s better to resemble Dad.”

Nolan turned his head away and chuckled.

Maisie flicked her little head lightly with her knuckle. “You wouldn’t look good if you were to look like
your father.”

Daisie pointed at him. “That’s not true.

Look at how beautiful Colton looks when he dresses up as a girl in a skirt. They even claimed that
Colton looks prettier than me.”

Maisie glanced in the direction that Daisie pointed and was shocked.

Colton, who was surrounded by a group of classmates, was wearing a golden wig and a tutu dress that
resembled that of a Western princess. Maisie really would not have recognized that it was her own son
if she had not looked closely!

Maisie asked, “Why would Colton dress up like that?”

Daisie giggled. “Nolly was the one who had to play the role of the princess, but Colton owes Nolly a
favor, so he agreed to play this role for him.

“He owes him a favor? That kid seems only to hate Noilace on a superficial level.’

Maisie rubbed her chin.

‘Colton looks really amazing when he dresses up as a girl. So what if…’

She turned to look at Nolan. Nolan just happened to exchange a gaze with her. He immediately
cleared his throat lightly as if he had seen through her thoughts at a glance, looked around, and
approached her. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m already in my 30s, and you want me to wear a dress?”

Maisie rested her chin on his shoulder, inserted her hands into his jacket, and said softly, “Hubby… I
want to see you in a dress tonight Maisie placed her hand on his shoulder, raised her eyebrows, and
chuckled. “You can wear it in front of me.”

traightened his body and looked away ca’s

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