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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 936

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Chapter 936

Daisie kept her eyes on her brother and didn’t notice what was happening behind her.

Nolan held her hand. “Be a good girl.”

“I won’t if you don’t agree. She pulled her hand away and turned around.

Nolan rubbed the center of his eyebrows and put out his arm to pull her back. “Let’s talk about this

Maisie, who was leaning in his arms, smiled proudly.

The play was going to start. Colton stood on the stage, but the parents and students from other classes
didn’t notice that the princess was a boy.

The prince was played by another boy in

their class, while a girl played the evil dragon rider.

The lights were all focused on the stage, and the performance was so exciting that all eyes were on

The evil dragon rider kidnapped the princess, and when the wires pulled them u p. they slowly rose into
the air.

Suddenly, all the lights were out, and when everyone was in shock, a girl screamed.

Everyone took out their phones for the flashlight. Nolan noticed something and ran toward the stage,
while Maisie suddenly stood up. and her expression changed. “Colton!”

The teacher’s voice came through the sound system when the lights were back on. The circuit broke
and caused the wire machine to jam, leaving the two children hanging 30 feet in the air.

The girl was crying out of fear and was hugging Colton tightly.

Colton hung there, not daring to move and looking pale.

Nolan asked people to bring some mats over and stood under the two children. Colton.”

“Dad, I feel…” Colton slowly looked up. The wire was slowly breaking.

Nolan noticed that, and his expression changed. “Colton, don’t move. Trust me. I won’t let anything
happen to you. Don’t move.”

Maisie covered her mouth, her heart almost jumping out of her throat, and she immediately helped with
moving the mats.

Daisie stood among the people who were

rushing around and looked around. She saw someone run past from the upper floor when she looked

She ran past the crowd and went outside.

Maisie, some parents, and some teachers brought more mats, and someone yelled,” It’s going to

Maisie looked up. The wire suddenly snapped, and the two children fell.

The parents off stage all stood up and screamed in panic.

The two children fell onto the mats. and Maisie and Nolan rushed forward to help Colton up. “Colton!”

The other students and teachers ran over to see if the girl was alright.

Colton leaned between his father’s arms and slowly opened his eyes in a daze. “Dad,


Maisie hugged him right her eyes red. “I thought I lost you.”

Nolan stood up and grabbed the collar of the vice-principal, who had just rushed over. “What
happened? Why would such a thing happen during a student performance!?”

The vice-principal was sweating bullets. “Mr. Goldmann, it’s… We’re looking into this accident.”

“You best do your best to find out the cause of that, or I won’t let you get away with this!” Nolan pushed
him away.

The vice-principal immediately bowed.” Yes, of course, Mr. Goldmann. Don’t worry, we’ll run a thorough

After the incident, the rest of the performance could not continue because the parents were worried. No
parents would be relaxed no matter whose child that happened to.

The vice-principal and organizers apologized to all the parents and promised to give them a good


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