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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 945

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Chapter 945

Cocking her head, Daisie asked, “Why? Is it because Nolly offended someone, and they want to hurt
him?” Maisie did not know how to explain it to Daisie. Suddenly, Colton opened his mouth and chimed
in, “Noilace has a complicated background, right? There are people who want to take his life.”

Maisie opened her mouth, but Colton put the fork and spoon down before she could say anything. “I
was the one who wanted to switch roles with him. He should be the one who played the role that night.
He originally wanted to switch with another student, but that student didn’t want to play the role, so I
helped him.”

Daisie looked at him in confusion and

asked, “What kind of background does Nolly have? Why would anyone want to kill him?”

Colton did not say anything.

Would he not expose that he had overheard the conversation between his parents in the study room if
he said it out?

Maisie looked at them and smiled. “After his uncle sorts everything out, you guys will be able to play
together again.”

“Will he be in danger?” Daisie asked.

Maisie’s eyelashes twitched, and she replied, “His uncle will protect him. Just like how your father will
protect you guys.”

Both of them did not say anything anymore and resumed eating their meal. By the time Nolan came
back, it was already 10:00 p.m. When Maisie came out of the kids’ room, she ran into him. He draped

his jacket over his arm and loosened his tie with one hand. “Are the kids asleep?”

“Yeah,” Maisie answered as she took over the jacket in his hand. Nolan walked closer to her, lowered
his head, and kissed her on the top of her head.

Maisie giggled and slapped his chest gently. “What are you doing?” He grabbed her into his arms and
buried his head in her shoulder. He pitched his voice low and laughed. “Whenever I think that I have a

great wife waiting for me at home, I feel that I’m so lucky.” “Aren’t you investigating the incident that
happened that day?” Maisie asked as she smoothed out the crease on his shoulder.

Nolan pinched her chin and giggled. “When did you become so insensitive, Zee?”

Maisie coiled her arms around his neck and smiled brightly. “Are you sure you want to talk about that
with me here?”

Nolan scooped her up from the floor. “Let’s go back to our room then.”

At night, Nolan was taking a bath in the bathroom while Maisie was reading documents on the bed with
her feet up in the air.

Then, she suddenly saw something that stunned her and made her sit bolt upright: n the bed.

The sound of the water in the bathroom was turned off, and Nolan walked out of it with a bath towel
around him, wiping his wet hair with a towel.

Seeing that she hadn’t slept yet, he threw the towel on the table and hugged her from the back.

“What are you reading?”

Maisie was startled. She jerked her head back and pushed his head away. “Go dry your hair first before
coming close to me.’

Nolan chuckled. “Why? You don’t like me already?”

He looked at the document in her hand. It was the report of his investigation on Jackie. He squinted his

Maisie flipped through the document in her hand and gave it back to him. “Why are you investigating

“How could you get interested in another man, Zee?” Nolan asked, donning a gloomy expression.

His reaction amused Maisie. She leaned closer and took a sniff. “You have taken a bath, but why can I
still smell jealousy from you?” Nolan pressed his lips on hers and nibbled her lips. She frowned. “Are
you a dog?”

He chuckled hoarsely. “Am I a dog? Do you want to see the bite marks on my shoulder?”

Maisie was stumped. Her face turned red in embarrassment as she turned her head sideways. She
pulled the sheet and lay down. “Hmph. I’m going to sleep,” i

Nolan was caught between laughter and tears.

He glanced at the document again and threw it on the table before going to look for a hairdryer.

The next day, at Soul…

Maisie was flipping through the company’s ledger on her leather chair. Recently, the sales of jewelry
had been very stable. Coupled with the endorsement of celebrities, Soul had become more and more
popular among the public.

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