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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 949

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Chapter 949

Tristan pursed his lips tightly and put the arrow down. “Why do you think that I would know?”

Nolan smiled. “Even if you don’t know that, Madam Knowles should know that. Her family is from East
Winston, isn’t it?”


Tristan did not utter a single word. Nolan leaned on the back of the chair and tapped his fingertips
against the table.” Actually, you’ve long suspected that your mother has placed a spy by your side. I
think it’s impossible for you not to know that.”

After a moment, Tristan chuckled silently. He then straightened his posture and looked at Nolan. “Some
troubles in the world cannot be resolved that easily.”

“Even if you know that Madam Knowles is the person behind the scheme, she’s your mother, and you
don’t have it in you to go against her hard. That’s why it’s natural for you to feel troubled.”

Nolan saw through him at first glance. Tristan exchanged gazes with Nolan for a long while and then
said sullenly, “I just want to know why she hates me that much, that’s all.”

‘Then you should start looking into the Knowles. If she doesn’t have any immense grudge against the
Knowles, then why can’t she even tolerate the existence of a kid from the family?” Nolan stood up and
buttoned his suit jacket.

When he and Quincy reached the door, Tristan’s lips moved suddenly. “The Cliffords have also
contributed in secret regarding how badly the Knowles are doing nowadays.”

Nolan stopped moving forward, turned around, and glanced at Tristan, who was sipping tea. “So part of
the reason you came to Zlokova is to investigate the Cliffords.”

‘Yes.” Tristan stared at the teacup in his hand. “My father’s death and my brother’s illness aren’t mere
coincidences. I’ve looked into the doctor who treated my father. He has something to do with the

Nolan said nothing and left the private room with Quincy.

After getting into the car, Quincy fastened his seat belt as he still felt a little strange.’ The Cliffords’
sphere of influence has always been in Octavia, and they can actually extend the reach of their power
up to Yaramoor. Is it possible that it has something to do with the Cliffords’ son?

“How is the Cliffords’ son related to Madam Knowles? They’re so close that he was willing to devise a
plan to kill Elder Master Knowles for Madam Knowles.”

Nolan frowned. “It shouldn’t be Jackie. He’s only in his late 20s. He was still studying in a college in
Yaramoor eight years ago, and Elder Master Knowles was already dead back then.”

Quincy was startled. “Could it be one of the elders of the Cliffords?”

Nolan pondered for a moment, then scoffed coldly. “There’s only one person in the Cliffords who has
some connection with some East Winstonites.

Quincy was astonished. “Is it the Elder Master of the Cliffords, Mr. Thomas Clifford?”

Thomas was the father of Lance Clifford, and Jackie was his grandson. Thomas was very famous in
Octavia and East Winston. It was said that he had traveled all around the world when he was young,
stayed in East Winston for a few years, studied civil engineering in Yaramoor, and accumulated quite a
reputation in the upper-class circles.

After Thomas returned to Zlokova, he had monopolized Octavia’s real estate industry and was on an
equal footing with the king of casinos.

The king of casinos could look down upon Lance and disregard him, but he still had to show Thomas
some respect. It was said that if it were not for the local government, which suppressed Thomas’
influence in the region, Thomas would have long been the sole player who owned the whole of


At the Goldmann mansion… Maisie pushed open the door of the study and rummaged through the
documents on the desk, only to find the document that Nolan got by investigating Jackie.

She took the document out and compared the photo on the document to the photo in her yearbook.

Apart from the body figure of the two, both of them wore glasses. And when she looked closely, Maisie
realized that the facial features of the Jackie found in the document looked exactly the same as a
slimmer version of the Jackie found in the yearbook.

She was a little surprised.

‘Jesus! Were we really classmates back in high school? And did he undergo plastic surgery? Aren’t
these changes a little too huge?’

The Jackie in the document wore a suit and silver-rimmed glasses, giving off a sense of humility,
courtesy, elegance, and gentleness. The gaze of the person in each of the photos looked completely

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