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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 950

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Chapter 950

One of them looked introverted and shy, while the other looked regal and confident.

Maisie frowned and could not help but murmur, “So why is Nolan investigating him?”

She placed the documents back in the folder while another document slid out of the folder. She was
astounded for a split second, picked the document up, skimmed through it, and was stunned in place.

“What are you looking at?” Nolan appeared outside the door.

Maisie’s expression turned slightly restrained, and she put the document back. “I’m going through the
findings of your investigation.”

Nolan draped the coat hanging on his forearm on the back of the chair and walked toward her. “Why
are you so interested in this person


Maisie paused for a bit, raised her head, saw Nolan’s slightly grim expression, and could not help but
chuckle. “I think I’ve been wrongfully accused.”

He approached her. “Then why would you want to know more about him? Is it because you think he
looks better than I a m?” Maisie stretched out her arms to hug him and pointed her finger at the tip of
his nose. “My husband looks better than him.”

Nolan held her palm and kissed her fingertip. “Oh, is that true?” “Yeah.’ Maisie smiled playfully and
picked up the yearbook. “Look at this , I’m investigating him too.

Nolan’s gaze landed on Jackie’s photo. He was startled instantly and picked up the yearbook. “Jackie
was one of your classmates?”

“Yeah, I thought his name was familiar when you told me you were investigating him, so I compared the
two photos. The subjects in these two photos seem to be the same person. But according to my
memory, Jackie was very introverted and shy, which made him almost a nameless and faceless
student in the class. But he turns out to be the young heir of the Cliffords from Octavia?”

Seeing that Nolan did not say anything, Maisie remembered something. “By the way, after having
dinner with my aunt in the restaurant the day before yesterday, I met Zeta Yanev, the female
companion that Mr. Knowles brought to the opening ceremony the other day. She was getting out of a
car at the time, and the license plate number of that car is the one that you found through your

Nolan kept quiet for a long time, then put down the yearbook in his hand. “I was investigating the
license plate number because this car was seen at the school on Christmas.” Maisie was shocked. “Are
you sure?” “Zee, the Cliffords intervened in the Knowles’ affairs, and I suspect that this isn’t as simple
as it seems. The assassination that we experienced the other day is related to an assassin
organization located in East Winston. So even if Jackie has nothing to do with this matter, he’s Thomas
Clifford’s grandson. He should know about this.”

Nolan stared at her after saying that. “Be careful of that woman. She might be a spy who’s been
assigned to approach Tristan.’

Maisie was shocked and was silent for a long time.

At the private elementary school…

Noilace was walking on the campus, and a small figure was catching up to him in a hurry. “Nolly!” He
stopped, turned around, and saw Daisie running toward him. Daisie caught up to him, bent over, and
panted. “Are you going to quit school?” Noilace shook his head. “No, I’ll be taking a break from school
for a while.” “Why do you have to take a break from school?” Daisie was dumbfounded and thought of
something. “Is it because you’re afraid of getting us involved?’

Noilace did not utter a single word.

Daisie pursed her lips. “Nolly, my dad won’t allow us to play with you, but I know you won’t hurt us. And
my mom said that we can still play together after Uncle Tristan has solved all your affairs, is that right?”

Noilace smiled and turned around. “I’m not as good as you think I am.”

“No.” Daisie walked around him and stopped in front of him with a serious expression. “Just because
you saved Colton, I think you’re a good person.”

Noilace glanced at her. “Then can you define what’s a good person and what’s a bad person?”

The question was out of Daisie’s league. She scratched her head for a long time and could not say
anything, but she still went with her intuition. “But I still think that you must be a good person.”

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