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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 951

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Chapter 951

Noilace lowered his gaze. A woman appeared before he could say anything.” Young Master Knowles.”
Noilace turned and saw the woman walking over. He frowned and stared at her without moving.

The woman smiled. “I’m here to get you.”

Noilace was on high alert and stood in front of Daisie, “I’ve never seen you at my uncle’s place.”

The woman’s smile faded a little. “You’re so smart. Your great-grandma sent me.”

Daisie understood and walked out from behind him. “You must be lying. Uncle Tristan would not let
someone come and get him. He would come here instead.”

“Daisie, go back.” Nollace pulled her behind him.

Daisie looked upset. “No, you’ll be in trouble. Go back with me.”

The woman seemed to have lost her patience. “Young Master Knowles, please don’t make it hard for
me.” Nollace was going to leave with her when Daisie suddenly said, “I’ll come with you.” Nollace
looked surprised. “Daisie?” Then his expression turned somber. “Enough, go back.” Daisie stood in
front of Nollace. “I’m not afraid of them. I’ll protect you. They wouldn’t dare do anything when they’re at
Dad’s territory.”

The woman stared at Daisie. Her job was to bring Nollace back. “Then get in the car.”

Daisie hopped into the car with him.

Nojlace frowned as he didn’t know what to do now that there was one more person.

The car drove toward the outskirts of town. Daisie kept her eyes on the view outside as if she was
going on a road trip, seemingly ignorant that she was in danger.

The driver looked at the woman and seemed to be speaking a foreign language. Why did you bring
another person?”

The woman replied, “She wanted to follow. We’ll get rid of her when we get there,”

Daisy didn’t understand what they were saying. When she turned around, she saw that Noilace was
looking annoyed, so she whispered, “Are they talking about me?”

Daisie showed the wristwatch intentionally and whispered into his ears. “1 f my GPS shows that I’m out
of the city, Dad will realize and come save us.”

Nollace looked at her in surprise.

The car finally parked in front of a row of villas along the beach. A few cargo ships were docked along
the shore, the big space filled with crates. That was the port of Bassburgh and also the export route
between the city and Octavia.

Two men in black grabbed Daisie right after she and Nollace got out of the car.

Nollace immediately looked back. “Let go of her!” He was going to rush forward when two other men in
black grabbed him and pinned him to the ground.

The woman took a cigarette out of the packet and lit it. “Young Master Knowles, you can’t even protect
yourself, but you’re trying to protect her?”

Noilace’s expression changed. His face fell, and he started smiling creepily. “Have you found out who
she is? If you touch her, the people behind her are not going to let you get out of this.”

The woman took a drag and turned to the two men in black. “Don’t blow this up. This isn’t our turf. Lock
the girl in the black house and let Madam decide.”

The two men nodded and took Daisie away. Daisie looked back at Noilace and smiled at him.

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