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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 953

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Chapter 953

Nolan suddenly got a call from Tristan, who asked, “Noilace and your daughter were taken?”

Nolan squared his jaw. “It’s too late for you to realize now. They’re at the port at the seaside township.”

Tristan mumbled, “The port at the seaside township…” He suddenly understood. “No, they’re sending
them to the Cliffords!” Daisie snuck into the villa amidst the chaos and suddenly hid behind a wall. Two
men in black brought Noilace out of the villa, and she started to panic. What should she do? She didn’t
realize someone was creeping u

pon her at that moment.

Noilace suddenly heard Daisie’s scream. He turned around and saw a man in black bringing Daisie out
under his arms. Daisie struggled but wasn’t strong enough to fight him off. “You little rascal, I’ve finally
caught you. Did you start the fire in the warehouse?” the man yelled at her. Daisie wouldn’t admit it.
“How is your warehouse catching fire any of my business, Aah!” She was thrown to the floor. Noilace
ran over and helped her up.” Daisie! I thought you left. Why did you come back?” Daisie rubbed her
palms and had some soot on her nose. She smiled. “I’d be a coward for leaving you and running away.”

Noilace was surprised.

Zeta walked over with her arms crossed.” Someone is going to notice. Get on the boat.”

The man pointed at Daisie. “What about her?”

Zeta looked at Daisie and smiled. “Bring her along. It won’t hurt us.”

Things would be easier if they had the Goldmanns’ daughter in their hands.

Daisie was pushed onto the boat. She kept looking back, expecting her father to show up.

The firetruck rushed to the scene to put out the fire while Nolan waited nearby in their car.

Nolan looked at the tracker on his phone, and it was moving.

He ran toward the port.

“Mr. Goldmann!” A boat slowly left the port, and Daisie was standing on the deck and immediately saw
Nolan, who was rushing over. “Dad!” She waved at him.

“Daisie!” Nolan watched while the boat left, and he missed it. His aura was dark. “Mr. Goldman, Daisie-”
Quincy, who had just gotten there, saw the boat sailing away and realized they were too late. Nolan
calmed down, but his expression was still terrifying, “Get some men and head toward Octavia.” “But
Octavia isn’t our turf.”

The coldness in Nolan’s eyes intensified. “I don’t care. They have Daisie, my daughter.’ Maisie rushed
into Tristan’s office when he was having a conversation with someone. The guard didn’t manage to
stop her and said, “Mr. Knowles, this woman kept asking to see you. I.

“Alright, leave us.” Tristan waved and also asked the person he was talking with to leave. He walked to
the couch. “I guess you found out.” Maisie walked forward and took a seat. “Mr. Knowles, they have
Nollace and Daisie, right?”

Tristan didn’t look up but instead picked up his teacup. “Yes, didn’t Nolan rush over?” Maisie was
extremely calm, weirdly calm.” What are they going to do to the children?” Tristan’s lips twitched. “They
wouldn’t dare do anything in Bassburgh, but I can’t promise anything once they’re out of Nolan’s turf
and in Octavia.”

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