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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 954

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Chapter 954

Maisie’s hand grabbed her bag tighter, her eyes piercing. “Did you know that Zeta was your mother’s a


“So you just put the children in danger?”

After a long pause, Tristan raised his head and looked at her. “Mrs. Goldmann, some things are just out
of my control. At first, I was just suspicious about Zeta, and I couldn’t confirm whether she was working
with me as a spy. I set up what happened on Christmas and found out that she was involved.

“I admit that I involved Nolan because, in Bassburgh, they wouldn’t dare to do anything with the
Goldmanns around, but I didn’t expect them to make a move today

and bring the kids to Octavia.

He wasn’t God. Whatever plans he made were within his consideration, and he would do his best to
make sure they were carried out. However, he hadn’t expected the people to make a move that day. He
had sent someone to keep an eye on Zeta and learned that they went to the seaside township, but she
wasn’t the one who picked up the kids from the school. Thus, he had no idea that the children were
taken from school. It was all because someone else was involved.

Maisie took a deep breath. “You know the Cliffords.”

Tristan looked mellow. “So what if I do? They won’t listen to me.”

Maisie looked at him with the same expression. “It’s alright. Jackie Clifford is in Bassburg, right? He
should know you. I think you’ll be able to arrange for me to meet him.”

On the boat…

Daisie and Nollace were locked up in a container. Nollace leaned on the door and turned to look at
Daisie. “Did you start the fire?”

“Yes.” Daisie hugged her knees and placed her chin on them. “I wanted to delay them so that the
firefighters could save you too once they arrived, but it was too late because they took you away.”

Nollace smiled. “Aren’t you afraid that the police will arrest you for starting a fire?”

“I did it to save you because there was no one around.” Daisie pouted, then her stomach started

Nollace put down his bag and took out a pack of cookies. “Take this.”

Daisie smiled and took the food. “Thanks, Nolly.” She opened the packaging and looked at him. “What
are you having?” “I’m not hungry.” His stomach started growling after he said that, so he awkwardly
turned his face away.

Daisie broke the cookie in half and curled up next to him. “Here, take this.”

Noilace was surprised but took the halfcookie. He watched while Daisie finished the cookie in one big
bite and lowered his head. “Why did you save me?”

Daisie licked her fingers and said,”

Because we’re friends.” At the same time, she flashed a bright smile. “I have three brothers now,
Wayion, Colton, and you.”

Noilace asked, “Where’s your eldest brother?”

Daisie pressed her lips together, “He’s in Stoslo and will only be back during the winter break.” She
turned to Noilace. “I’ll introduce you to him, but don’t mistake him for Colton because they look so much

Noilace looked sad. “That’s nice.” He leaned against the door and looked forward. “I don’t have
siblings, no brother, just me. My parents were worried that I would be attacked, so they sent me away. I
could only live in hiding and keep changing schools and moving around,

so I don’t have many friends either.”

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