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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 955

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Chapter 955

Daisie was astonished and suddenly felt sorry for Noilace. She took a deep breath and patted her
chest. “Don’t worry, I’ll be your friend from now on. My brothers too. You won’t be lonely anymore

Noilace smiled.

Daisie Goldmann was a silly girl but adorable.

The night started creeping in. Maisie got out of the car in a brown trenchcoat with a belt and boots, her
long, seaweed-like hair thrown behind her. She didn’t have a lot of makeup on, only lipstick. She had
two bodyguards with her


The server brought her to the VIP room, opened the door, and Tristan and a man looked over
simultaneously. Jackie, who was about to take a sip of his wine, paused while his eyes fell on Maisie’s
face. She seemed familiar, so his eyes lingered.

Tristan smiled, “Mr. Clifford, this is Ms. Maisie Vanderbilt.:

“Maise Vanderbilt.” Jackie frowned. At that moment, Maisie walked to the table and picked up a glass
of wine. “It’s been a while. You seem to be an old classmate if I’m not wrong.”

Jackie seemed to remember something, looked down, and chuckled. “That’s why I thought you looked
familiar. Ms.

Vanderbilt. Didn’t expect you to remember


Maisie hadn’t been close with Jackie in high school, and he looked very different from when he was in
high school-even their other schoolmates might not have recognized him.

He had been an introverted, shy boy in school, but he had gone through a big change. Not only was he
an heir of the Cliffords, but he was also a genius in IT and had status. It was hard not to be suspicious
that she could recognize him.

Maisie smiled. “I was surprised that the ‘Mr. Clifford’ whom Zeta knew was actually my high school

Jackie raised his eyebrow. “You know Zeta?”

“Since I know Mr. Knowles, I’d know Zeta too.” Maisie swirled the glass she was holding.

Jackie looked toward Tristan. “Who are you to this friend of mine?”

Tristan smiled, “Relatives, I guess.”

Jackie squinted. Under the dim lighting, his glasses reflected the light while a pair of dark eyes stayed
on her.

Maisie maintained her smile. Jackie picked up the glass, swirled the wine around, placed his long arm
on the back of the couch, and smiled. “Mr.

Knowles, you said you wanted to talk to me about something, and that was why I came over. I guess it
wasn’t as simple as that?”

Tristan smiled but didn’t say anything after he was exposed.

Jackie looked at Maisie, finished the wine, and loosened his grip, letting the glass fall to the table, “Is
this a reunion, or is there something more?”

Maisie’s hair was behind her ears, and her red lips parted. “Something more.”

He laughed. “Good job for finding me.”

“You’re mocking me.” Maisie looked at him, her smile still on. “You’re a Clifford, and since I have
something that involves the Cliffords, who else could I see if not you?”

Jackie’s expression was neutral.” Something that involves the Cliffords?” He looked at Tristan, picked
up his phone, and stood up. “I don ‘t intervene with the affairs of the family.”

Seeing that he was going to leave, Maisie looked at the wine in the glass and squinted. “If you could
intervene with what happened at the school on Christmas, why can’t you get involved in this?”

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