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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 961

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Chapter 961

Maisie stared at the wine in the glass.” What kind of benefits did Madam Knowles give your grandfather
in order to get him to help her


“How would I know? I’ve already told you what I know.” Jackie snorted and turned to look at Maisie.
“Why don’t you ask my grandfather yourself?”

*There’s no need for me to go to him myself. My husband has already made a move. But if my
daughter were to get hurt when she’s in Octavia…” Maisie lifted her eyelids, raised the wine glass, and
let go of it suddenly. The wine glass fell from the middle of the air and landed on the carpet, and the
stem of the glass broke off from its body. “The

Cliffords are just a family, and I’ll level it to its roots.”

Jackie was taken aback.

W-Who does she think she is when she makes such a bold claim?”

He questioned her, “Who the hell are you?” Maisie put her hands in her pockets, stood up, and gave off
a faint smile. “I’m, of course, Maisie Vanderbilt.” Jackie moved on with the questioning.” Are you really
Maisie Vanderbilt? Just as simple as that? You have the guts to come at me regardless of the
consequences, so who exactly are you?” Maisie patted her cuffs and smiled. “My daughter’s name is
Daisie Goldmann, and my husband is Nolan Goldmann. If the Goldmanns aren’t enough to threaten
your family, then my grandfather’s name is Hernandez de Arma, and my foster father is Mr. Henry from
the Metropolis. Is that enough for you?”

Jackie was astonished.

Maisie asked someone to untie him, walked to the door, remembered something, and turned around.
“Remember to call and tell Elder Master Clifford that I want my daughter to come back safe and

At Octavia, in the Clifford manor…

As Thomas walked downstairs, he suddenly heard the commotion coming from the outside of the
manor and frowned. “What’s going on


A bodyguard ran in all of a sudden. “Oh my, Elder Master Clifford, someone is making a fuss out there,
and that person said he’s here for his daughter.” “His daughter? Could he be from the Goldmanns?
He’s come all the way here and created a stir just out there on my doorstep. He really thinks he’s still in
his territory, doesn’t he?’ Thomas summoned the other bodyguards and said sullenly, “Come and have
a look with me.”

Outside the courtyard…

Nolan and Quincy had broken into the manor and fought with the Cliffords’ bodyguards.

Nolan clamped the wrist of the bodyguard charging at him, folded his arm backward, kicked him
violently in the abdomen, and knocked him down. Another bodyguard attacked him instantly, but he
ducked sideways immediately, hit the opponent’s mandible with his elbow, and kicked him into the pool
with a roundhouse kick.

“Stop!” A bold and powerful voice came from behind the crowd, and the crowd stopped what they were

Thomas frowned when he saw that his men were beaten up, and his tone sounded strong. “You’re
starting a fight with my men in my territory. You Goldmanns are really as barbaric as ever.”

Quincy was about to say something.

“I only want my daughter back.” Nolan turned around to look at Thomas, Thomas’s originally gloomy
face momentarily froze when he saw Nolan’s face, and his pupils dilated slightly.

This… How can this be!?’

He walked down the staircase step by step, and one of the bodyguards said vigilantly.”

Sir, don’t go over…

Seeing that the people behind him were about to step forward, Thomas raised his hand to stop them.
He did not say another word and stared directly at Nolan until he walked up to them.

While Thomas was checking Nolan out, a trace of shock flashed across the bottom of his eyes. And the
hint of emotion caught Quincy’s attention.

Lilapiei 901

Quincy was a little puzzled.

‘Why would this geezer from the Cliffords look at Mr. Goldmann in such a manner? Could it be that he’s
taken a fancy to Mr. Goldmann!

He quickly got rid of this unrealistic idea and spoke first. “Elder Master Clifford, we have no other
choice but to do so. After all, Mr. Goldmann is worried about the young

lady’s safety. You’re the one who currently has her, so we want to know if she’s-”

“The girl you mentioned, her name is Daisie, isn’t it?” Thomas returned to his senses, and even his
attitude became a little less aggressive.

Quincy was caught off guard and exchanged gazes with Nolan.

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