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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 963

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Chapter 963

However, upon thinking that not even the father was coaxing his daughter, Thomas endured the urge to
do so. Daisie’s cries were so loud that they could even be heard from outside of the manor. Nolan
pinched and rubbed the bridge of his nose, calmed himself down, and wanted to say something.

However, Daisie pushed his hand away, turned around, and ran away. “I don’t want to see you
anymore! I hate you!”

“Daisie…” Nolan stretched his arm but missed her. Quincy took a glance at him. “Mr.

Goldmann, I’ll go with her to keep an eye on her.”

He then chased after her.

Thomas put down the teacup with a pregnant expression. “Since the little girl refuses to go back with
you, I don’t mind you staying in Octavia for a few more days, Mr. Goldmann.”

Nolan squinted slightly and then turned to face Thomas after a long pause. “What are you planning,
Elder Master Clifford?” Thomas chuckled. “You’re still our honored guests, and I’ll surely treat you like
one. So don’t worry, I won’t use that girl as leverage to make your life difficult. After all, she’s quite
lovable to me.”

Nolan’s eyes moved as he loosened his tie and responded calmly, “I’ll accept your kind offer if you
insist.” He left the hall after saying that. Thomas watched Nolan’s figure disappear at the door, and his
eyes could not help but dim.

He went into his study and twisted a pot of plants on the bookshelf. The wall behind the bookshelf
shifted to the side slowly, unveiling a hidden passageway.”

He walked into the dark passage, lit the lamp, and there was another smaller study hidden behind the
wall. However, it had not been in use all year round, and it had long since been reduced to a utility
room where he stored his personal belongings.

Thomas took off a painting on the wall And behind the painting, there was a huge full-body photo of a
woman. The woman in the photo was wearing a plain dress and holding a silk fan in her hand. Each of
her frowns and smiles brought him joy throughout all those years. The woman in the photo resembled
Nolan a little, especially around the eyes and brows. Thomas stroked the face of the woman in the
photo with his trembling thumb, and his eyes were bloodshot as he murmured,” Simmie, why didn’t you
wait for me?”

At the river bank…

Daisie sat beside the bushes and threw a stone into the water. Her wet eyelashes were stuck together,
and her teary eyes were filled with grievances and sadness.

Quincy walked up to a tree, hid behind it, and was relieved to find that she was only sitting there sulking
and did not run around anymore

He stayed there until Nolan came over.

He took a deep breath and walked toward Daisie. Daisie saw his reflection on the surface of the river
and ignored him.

Nolan sat down beside her. After all, she was his daughter, so how could he not feel distressed about
what just happened?

“Daisie, I didn’t mean to scold you just now. I’m sorry about that.”

Daisie continued to ignore him.

Nolan felt totally helpless.

‘This girl acts exactly like her mother when she gets angry…’ He raised his hand and rubbed the top of
her head. “Daisie, are you still angry with me?” Daisie smacked his hand away from her head-she was
still infuriated.

Nolan glanced at her. “Daisie, there’s a limit to throwing a tantrum. I’ve already apologized to you.”

She snorted. “If an apology is always going to work, then why do we need the police?”

Nolan was rendered speechless.

‘Did I just get reprimanded by my own daughter?’

But what else could he do? She was his daughter, so no matter how much trouble it would cause him
to coax her, he would still have to do it. “I know it’s my fault. That’s why I’m asking you for your
forgiveness.” Daisie turned to look at him with pouty lips. “Why didn’t you save Nolly?”

Nolan frowned slightly. “Daisie, it’s not that I don’t want to save him. It’s that it’s not appropriate for me
to interfere in their family’s affairs.”

Liar!” Daisie looked away. “No one can stop you from doing what you want unless you don’t want to do

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