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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 977

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Chapter 977

Barbara’s cheeks were slightly warm as she buried her face in his shoulder and neck while he chuckled
and carried her into the bedroom.

The next day, because of last night’s downpour in Bussburgh, the cold weather could not have gotten
any colder. It was 9:00 a m. when it was still drizzling, Maisie took Lucy to several shops to discuss the
rent and lease of those locations, and they finally chose a shop lot that was located in the Golden

As the two walked out of the building, Lucy held up an umbrella and walked next to Maisie. “Ms.
Vanderbilt, only the rent would cost us $500,000 per year. Wouldn’t it be a little too expensive?”

Maisie smiled. “The Golden Triangle is the most prosperous commercial center in Bussburgh. After all,
it’s located in an area that has a large flow of people. A lot of foreign businessmen would fight each
other just to secure themselves a location in this area for their business. Finding ourselves a shop lot
here with an annual rent of only $500,000 is more than what we could’ve bargained for.”

Lucy arrived at a lightbulb moment after hearing that explanation.

The two walked to the car and saw Jackie’s car parked nearby.

Two men in black approached them, and Maisie took the umbrella in Lucy’s hand and said to her, “You
should get in the car first.”

But…” Lucy hesitated, but Maisie comforted her and said everything would be fine.

After Lucy got into the car uneasily, Maisie closed the door and glanced at the two men walking in her

One of the men said, “Ms. Vanderbilt, our employer has requested you to come with u s.”

Maisie followed them to the car, and the man in black opened the car’s door. The car’s interior looked
extremely spacious, and it was equipped with everything other than a kitchen sink.

Jackie sat in the car with a dark brown fur coat draped over his body and a black turtleneck. He gently
shook the wine glass in his hand , and the swaying wine looked a s red as blood. “Aren’t you going to
bring anyone along with you this time around?” Maisie laughed, crossed her legs together, leaned
forward slightly, propped her elbow against her knee, and rested her chin on her palm. “Mr. Clifford,
how many men do you expect me to bring along?”

Jackie raised his head and took a sip of wine, and his gaze was fixed on the wine glass. “You set me
up the other day. Aren’t you afraid that I am back to even the score?” She chuckled. “So, are you
saying that you’re going to settle the account with me now?”

Jackie looked at her.

Maisie crossed her arms and leaned against the car window. “The dignified young heir of the Cliffords
lost to a woman and got tricked by the woman. It’s indeed a really embarrassing fact to live with.”
Maisie smirked as she said that. “But if the public were to find out that you’ve been played only
because you were plotting against me in

the first place, it’d be even more humiliating for that to be spread around the city.”

Jackie looked a little embarrassed. “So, are you planning to threaten me with this?”

“Why should I threaten you?” Maisie flipped her hair backward. “I want to preserve my reputation too.
What would the public make of me when they learn that the prestigious Mrs. Goldmann had been to a
hotel to meet a man and almost got one-upped?”

Jackie scoffed. “We were classmates for three years. I really don’t know that you would become the
wife of the legendary Mr. Goldmann one day.” “Everything in the world is unpredictable. You’ve also
become the heir of the Cliffords yourself.” Maisie raised her eyebrows.” When it

comes to concealing one’s background and identity, I don’t think anyone in the world could outdo you.”

Jackie did not utter a single word.

“Since Mr. Clifford has nothing else to say, I’ll take my leave first. My colleague is still waiting for me in
the car.” Maisie was about to open the car door, so Jackie put down the glass. “Don’t you want to know
more about the history between the

Cliffords and the Knowles?”

She stopped and looked back at Jackie.

From time to time, Lucy, who was waiting in the other car, leaned out of the car window, feeling a little

‘Who’s the person who is looking for Ms. Vanderbilt? Why is their conversation taking forever? Will
everything be alright?’

Maisie listened patiently to Jackie’s stories – they were about the great grievances between the
Cliffords and the Knowles.

Jackie’s grandfather’s lover in Yaramoor had been forced to death by Sam Knowles back then. That
was why Thomas hated the

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