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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 981

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Chapter 981

Zeta took out a pistol “Protect Madam Knowles!”

Several bodyguards were shot and dropped to the ground as men in black with dark complexions
emerged from the shadows. They were shooting everyone on sight with the submachine guns in their

Zeta pushed Madam Knowles onto the cruise ship, grabbed her gun, squatted on the steps, and shot at
the approaching men.

Several bodyguards covered Madam Knowles as she boarded the ship and yelled at the crew, “Get the
ship moving, hurry up!” The crew was about to get back into the cabin but got shot instantly, and blood
stained the glass on the deck as the crew’s bodies fell straight into the sea.

Madam Knowles saw someone aiming at her in the dark and pulled the bodyguard behind her to block
the shot. The bullet shot through

the bodyguard’s head, and blood splattered all over her and stained her body.

Madam Knowles crawled into the cabin and locked the door, but she was surrounded by the ocean and
the ocean only, so she could not escape at all Zeta was injured and ran onto the ship while applying
pressure to her wounds. While she was doing so, a crew member was pushed over and off the second
floor of the deck and dropped right in front of her. She looked slightly pale, raised her head, and saw
Tristan standing on the second floor of the deck, smoking a cigarette. He then pulled out a pistol and
pointed it at her head.

“Tris-” Zeta stared at him shudderingly, while Tristan’s expression looked calm as he pulled the trigger.

The bullet pierced her chest and went straight through the heart, and Zeta fell back slowly as her pupils
dilated gradually. Hearing that the gunfire outside had subsided, Madam Knowles, who was squatting
and leaning against the door, stood up slowly.

‘Who were those people? Has Thomas sent his men to make a move against me? ‘But that’s
impossible. They don’t look like Thomas’ men.’

She wanted to see what was going on outside, so she slowly undid the door bolt.

However, she wanted to lock the door bolt again when she heard footsteps coming from the other side
of the door, but the door was kicked open from the outside.

Madam Knowles staggered backward, and the man who entered the room was none other than

Madam Knowles was stunned, but thinking of something, she calmed her tone. “Tristan … Tris, you’re
here to save me, aren’t you? I know it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have treated you like how I did, and I
shouldn’t have projected my hatred toward your father onto you.”

Tristan stood in the room, looked around, and could not help but laugh after listening to Madam
Knowles’ statement. “What makes you think that I’m here to save you?”

“Y-You’re my son.” Madam Knowles’s expression changed slightly, and she gradually became more
and more emotional. “I’m your mother, and I’m the dearest person that you have in the world now! Are
you telling me that you’re going to leave me to die here, or are you planning to kill me?”

“I won’t kill you.” Tristan took out a handkerchief and wiped the bloodstains on the back of his hand
expressionlessly. “I did tell you that you’re growing old by the day, and it’s time for you to start thinking
about the later stages of your life.”

Madam Knowles stumbled backward. “You, what do you plan to do? Tris, you can’t treat your mother
like this!”

Two men in black appeared at the door. Tristan waved, and they stepped forward and covered her
head with a black hood before taking her away.

When Madam Knowles woke up again, she found herself being locked in a room that looked like a
prison cell, and a lot of noise surrounded her.

The door of the room was pulled open, but there was an iron gate on the outer side of the door, and
Madam Knowles saw Tristan through the window of the iron gate.

She realized something and rolled out of the bed as her body trembled to the point that her legs and
feet felt slightly stiff and clumsy. “Tris, Tris, are you going to lock me up? How are you going to explain
this to the public when they find out that I’ve disappeared? And are you planning to imprison your
mother in this strange place?”

Tristan smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell the media that you were attacked and were traumatized mentally, so
you have to stay here for treatment.”

“Tris…” The blood was drained from

Madam Knowles’s cheeks. “No! Don’t leave

me in an asylum! I beg you!”

A hint of emotion flashed across Tristan’s eyes, but it disappeared as soon as he recalled the past.
“You can enjoy the rest of your life here.”

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