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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 984

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Chapter 984

“Colton, what are those?” Daisie pointed to the stall under the bridge that was selling river lanterns. The
lanterns looked colorful -some looked like animals, while some looked like flowers and plants, but all of
them were very delicate and beautiful.

Maisie walked up to them. “Those are river lanterns.”

“Mom, I want to set some lanterns off the river.” Daisie blinked, looking very curious.

It could be seen that Daisie’s mood had improved recently, so Maisie agreed to her request in order not
to kill her mood. “You can go. but be careful. Don’t play by the river.” Daisie dragged Wayion and
Colton along and ran under the stone bridge. Maisie looked at them. “They look so energetic.”

Nolan wrapped his arm around her. “Do you want to go with them?”

Maisie refused to do so, but Nolan pulled her along, and both of them went under the bridge. There
were many children under the bridge with their parents. Many wishes were written on the river lantern.
Although doing so would not get them fulfilled, those people were doing so for a sense of comfort.

Nolan chose a puppy-shaped lantern for Maisie, but she asked after receiving it,” Why give me a puppy

“It looks like you.” He leaned closer to her ear while saying that. “You’ll bite whenever you’re pissed off.”

Maisie pushed him away, and the old lady who was selling the lanterns laughed. “You two look like a
young couple. You really are made

for each other.”

Nolan smiled. “You do have impeccable eyesight, madam.” Maisie picked up a black crayon and wrote
something on the river lantern. Nolan tried to lean over to peep, but she blocked him.” Don’t


He scoffed. “You’re so stingy.”

Maisie pouted. “No wish will actualize as soon as others read them.”

Nolan smiled.

Maisie then walked to the bank with the river lantern after she finished writing her wish. At this time,
dozens of river la down from the upper stream, and they made the river look like a galaxy.

She set the river lantern off, watched the lantern go with the drift, and chuckled like an innocent child as
if a flower had bloomed in her heart.

Nolan stood at the side and stared at her, she was the only thing that had occupied all his attention at
this moment.

A few days later, Barbara visited the Boucher manor with Helios. She looked a little uneasy before
walking through the entrance.

Helios clenched her hand and comforted her, “It’ll be fine.”

She nodded and stepped into the living room with him, and the butler and servants nodded to welcome

Elder Master Boucher, Yael, and Christina were all sitting on the couch. Seeing that Helios had brought
Barbara back. Christina could not conceal her smile for even a split second. Barbara walked up to the
elders and greeted them very cautiously under their direct gaze. Yael smiled and said, “Take a seat.

Your father and I have been acquaintances since way back, so there’s no need for you to be so

“Yeah,” Christina added and glanced at Helios. “Helios, be a gentleman.”

Helios brought Barbara to the couch to sit down. Barbara straightened her posture and did not dare to
act too casually,

She then recalled something and hurriedly placed the tea box that she had brought with her on the
table. “Oh, by the way, I’ve brought you the best-scented tea that Asperia has to offer. I don’t know
what you and Elder Master Boucher like, but I heard from Helios that you like to drink tea.”

Christina accepted it. “We’!! accept anything happily. After all, it’s the thoughts that matter.”

Richard cleared his throat and put down the newspaper. Compared to his son and daughter-in-law, he
behaved relatively indifferently.” Helios, why didn’t you tell us about this in the first place?”

Christina explained on behalf of her son,’ Father, Helios and Babara have just decided to be together,
so they’re still busy with all dating and getting to know each other.”


Helios added, “Yes, besides, I had to wait for Barbara to get mentally more comfortable about paying
you a visit too.’ Richard snorted and turned his face away.” If it weren’t for your mother’s continuous
urging, would you even bring her? I’m afraid that you would choose to continue to hide her from us.”

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