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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 991

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Chapter 991

After Jackie finished speaking, he turned around to look at Maisie. “I know about her affairs with Mr.
Knowles, including the fact that she is a courtesan trained by Madam Knowles”

Maisie remained silent. Mayhap Zeta had only been following Madam Knowles’ orders, becoming an
assassin as well as betraying herself. She had sold her life to Madam Knowles and never considered
how the consequences would be.

On the surface, Zeta indeed had done a lot of bad things. She was the one who had hatched the plan
to kidnap Nollace, and she was also the one who had almost killed Colton through that ‘accident’ on

Christmas. However, she had just been following orders.

Was Zeta really that bad? Maisie did not think so. At the end of the day, she was just Madam Knowles’
pawn. If she had really been a bad person, she wouldn’t have rejected Jackie when he confessed to
her. Instead, she would have used him to help her get back on her feet.

She could easily win over a man’s heart with fancy words, but she had rejected Jackie when he
confessed his love to her. It was not that she was heartless. It was just that the path she had chosen
forbade her from having a normal relationship.

At night, all of them gathered up and had dinner together. After having dinner, the kids went to play in
the courtyard, filling the house with their happy peals of laughter.

As it got darker, neon light started to light up the sky, and the fireworks in the courtyard bloomed even
brighter in the dark.

Maisie and Nolan were sitting on the long bench in the courtyard. She rested her head on Nolan’s
shoulder while Nolan cocked his head and looked at her. He wrapped his long arms around her and

asked, “What were you and Jackie talking about in the courtyard today?”

“We were talking about…” She lifted her head to look at him and answered with a smile, “A secret.”

Nolan pinched her nose and said, “Both of you have a secret? I demand you to confess to me.”

Maisie coiled her arms around his waist, and there was a smile in her eyes. “I just told him how lucky I
am to run into you. Nolan lowered his head upon hearing what she said and planted a kiss on the top of
her head. “Really? I thought you hated me to the core at that time?”

She harrumphed lightly. “Hmph! That was because you were Willow’s man.”

Nolan was tickled pink by Maisie’s answer. He rested his chin on her forehead and said, “I’ve never
said before that I was her man.”

After that, he leaned closer and whispered into her ear, “It’s also my luck to meet you in this life.”

Maisie lifted her head to look at him.

Suddenly, she kissed his lips before breaking herself free from his embrace and running away. She
turned her head around like a kid who had achieved her mischievous goal and smiled at him
triumphantly. “I’m going to light some fireworks.”

Nolan touched his lips and let out a helpless smile.

When Samantha heard the doorbell she rose to her feet and went to open the door. The person
standing outside of the door was none other than Kennedy. He was holding Sapphire in his arm, and
Sapphire was holding a toy in her hand. When she saw Samantha, she stretched her arm forward to
reach for her.

Kennedy chuckled and said, “Sapphire is saying hello to you.”

Sapphire amused Samantha. She reached out for her and took her into her arms.” Really? Seems to
me that you know everything going on in that little head of Sapphire.”

Kennedy looked at her and said, “Happy winter festivities.”

Samantha met his gaze and smiled.” Happy winter festivities.”

One month later, Helios published his wedding photo on Facebook. All his fans gave him their
blessings, and the news that Helios was getting married shook the entire Internet.

On the same day, Ryleigh and Louis got their marriage certificate. The Lucases, the Hills, and the
Bouchers started the year with a bang. Of course, the Bouchers were slightly luckier than the other two
families as Barbara was pregnant.

Maisie and Ryleigh went to visit Barbara at the Boucher manor. It was only the second month of her
pregnancy, so her stomach was

still flat.

“My cousin sure is fast. He’s finally becoming a daddy!” Ryleigh exclaimed. She seemed more excited
than Barbara.

Maisie cleared her throat and chimed in, “I don’t think ‘daddy’ is the right word to use.”

Just when Ryleigh was dumbfounded, Barbara chuckled and said, “This is because the word ‘daddy’
has a different connotation.”

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