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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 995

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Chapter 995

Xyla finished speaking and looked at Maisie before summarizing, “So, on that day, the director invited
them into the film crew. After we finished our discussion, Mr. Nixon invited us to a musical concert..

Later, Mr. Nixon and the director bought us dinner. During the dinner, it was Mr. Nixon who sat next to
me. You see that I’m talking to Louis in the photos, right? That’s because he was explaining to me
about music at that time.” As Xyla was talking, she suddenly chuckled. “From the moment Louis picked
Ryleigh over me, I knew that we’re never going to make it together anymore. The last time he
accompanied me to a dinner party, it was only out of friendship.

Besides, they have already gotten their marriage certificate. If I really want to be with him, I want to be
his wife. I’m not in favor of being a homewrecker.”

It was only then Maisie understood the whole situation. It was inevitable that the two of them would
meet for business reasons, not to mention that they would have to shoot a documentary together.


These misleading photos did not seem like the doing of the film crew. Since these photos were sent
directly to Ryleigh, they must be someone who knew Ryleigh.

Since Xyla claimed that she was not in favor of being a homewrecker, it meant that she had a positive
outlook. If these photos had nothing to do with her, who could it be?

At the Hill mansion…

.: Ryleigh was playing games on the bed when Louis came into the room. She glanced at him and
snorted coldly. “What are you doing


Louis sat at the side of the bed and asked,’ Who has upset you again?”

“Who has upset me again?” She rolled her eyes at Louis before saying, “Of course, it’s you.”

After she lost the game, she tossed her phone aside, turned around, and lay on the bed. She covered
herself up with the sheet and prepared to sleep.

Louis was stunned. Then he laughed and pulled the sheet down. “What have I done to upset you?”

Ryleigh did not say anything in return, and it was only then Louis realized something was not right.

He flipped her around so she could meet his eyes. He could see tears shining in her eyes, and he
cupped his hands on her cheeks. “Ryleigh, what happened?”

“You’re hiding something from me, right?” Ryleigh lowered her head as a drop of tear fell to the pillow.
“If you really want to be with Xyla, you can let me know. I’m not a mean person. I can just withdraw

Before she could finish her sentence, Louis leaned closer and pressed his lips against hers. Her pupils
constricted slightly, and the man before her eyes was getting blurry with every passing moment.

He thought he could calm her down by kissing her, but it seemed that he was wrong. More and more
tears were flowing out of her eyes, and Louis left her lips. He lifted his hand to wipe the tears away and
said, “What are you talking about? I’ve never said that I want to be with Xyla, so please don’t say that
again, okay?”

Ryleigh sobbed and began hitting him with her hand. “Even until now, you’re still lying to me.”

Louis was left with no choice, so he clamped her hands together and lifted them above her head. “I’m
not lying to you. Did someone tell you anything, Ryleigh?”

Ryleigh turned her face sideways. “So why are you dating her behind my back?”

“… I am dating her?” Louis was dumbfounded. However, he remembered something and looked at her
fixedly. “Did someone say something to you?”

Ryleigh bit her lip and snorted lightly.

Louis let go of her and sat up. His face sank slightly as he asked, “Did Xyla say something to you?”

This time, it was Ryleigh who was stunned. She sat upright and replied, “What do you expect her to say
to me? That you guys went to a concert and had dinner together in secret?”

Louis did not say anything in return. Sure enough, his guess was right.

Seeing the dark expression on Louis’ face, Ryleigh threw herself on the bed and said,” Get out. I don’t
want to see you now.”

“Ryleigh…” Louis took a deep breath and said disappointingly, “You don’t trust me?”

Ryleigh was stunned, but she closed her eyes and did not say anything.

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