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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1005

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Chapter 1005

A few female staffers laughed.

Maisie looked toward them and smiled while raising her brows. “If you perform well I’ll hire a few more
handsome men.”

“We love you, Ms. Vanderbilt!”

Maisie turned and looked at Lucy. “Let him be your shadow for a few days.”

Lucy was surprised. She then took a look at Hector and nodded. Maisie turned around and put her
hand on Hector’s shoulder. “Good luck.”, When Maisie left, Lucy looked at him and smiled. “Let me
arrange for a desk for you and bring you around, okay?”

Hector nodded.

In the afternoon, Maisie and Erwin were having lunch in the restaurant, and she had a video call with
her grandfather.

Hernandez sat in a wheelchair, his hair a lot whiter than before, and he looked much older. He had lost
all feeling in the lower half of his body and couldn’t take care of himself, so someone had to help him.

Maisie’s eyes turned red, but she smiled.” How are you, Grandpa?”

Hernandez smiled and responded. “I’m good, don’t worry about me.” He looked guilty. “T’m sorry, I
didn’t mean to hide things from you.”

I’m glad that you’re alive.” Maisie looked down and composed herself. “I’ll come to visit you when I
have time.”

“Alright.” He assented and then asked, “Are the three great-grandchildren all grown up yet?”

Maisie smiled. “Yes, they’ve grown quite a lot. Wayion is going back to school soon in Stoslo. I’ll ask
him to go visit you.” Hernandez smiled, his eyes revealing a few extra wrinkles around them. “Alright.”

After the call ended, Erwin put the tablet aside. “Are you relieved now?’

Maisie nodded and smiled, “Thank you, Uncle Erwin.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve always treated you as my niece all these years even though you’re quite a
handful.” Maisie chuckled. “I’m the one who’s a handful?” Erwin poured out some tea. “I’ll be going
back to Morwich in a few days.”

She asked, “Again?”

“Yes,” replied Erwin He picked up the teacup and took a sip. “I really want to stay and attend your
wedding, but I’m afraid I can’t. But it’s fine, I’ll send the gift Strix and I have prepared.”

Maisie smiled and nodded.

At the Goldmann mansion…

Nolan played chess in his study with his father. Nicholas made a move and asked, “What do you plan
to do after the wedding?” “What plan?” Nolan countered his move. “I plan to put work aside for a bit.”
Nicholas raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Oh, going on a honeymoon?” Nolan nodded. “Something
like that.”

They were quiet for a moment when Nicholas spoke again. “Wayion and Colton, who do you think
would be a better fit to take over the business?”

He looked down, and his thin lips moved a little. “Colton.”

Nicholas asked why. Wayion was better than Colton in many aspects. If he were to take over Blackgold
in the future, he would be a great leader.

Nolan smiled. “Wayion is outstanding.

Even though his personality is a lot like mine, Blackgold doesn’t need another leader with this

“Colton is great at math and very sensitive with numbers. This boy is sleek and savvy, so he would do
better in business. Given Wayion’ s talent, he might just become a

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