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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007

Maisie shook her head. “Not that I’m aware of.”

Both of them walked over and saw Lucy. Kennedy and Maisie squeezed themselves through the crowd
and patted her shoulder. Lucy turned her head around and offered them a smile. “Ms. Vanderbilt, look.
Our store is swamped today.”

Maisie was about to ask what was going on when she looked up and saw Hector personally putting on
a necklace for a young female customer before proceeding to introduce the right jewelry to the female

Maisie was stunned.

Kennedy asked Lucy, “Since when did we hire a new staff member?”

Lucy replied, “Ms. Vanderbilt hired him herself.”

It was only then Maisie came around to her senses. She smiled at Kennedy and asked,” He looks a lot
different, right? He’s Hector.”

Kennedy was greatly taken aback. He studied Hector up and down several times and said
incredulously. “Is it really him!?”

Hector was wearing a formal uniform. He did not give off the thug vibe that he had back then. He even
had shaved off his inappropriate hair and kept a more general buzz cut.

However, this kind of hairstyle suited Hector a lot. He did not look as untidied as he was when he was
keeping a long hairstyle.

After shaving his hair off and putting on different clothes, Hector gave off a totally different vibe. Even
his arrogance and domineering behavior that stemmed from Madam Vanderbilt’s spoiling could no
longer be found.

At the same time, a female customer took a liking to a pink crystal bracelet. She brought it to him and
asked if it looked good on her or


If it were another salesperson, they might praise the customer and cajole them into buying the bracelet
for the sake of sales performance.

As Maisie wondered what Hector would do, he looked at her for a while and shook his head. “You don’t
look good in pink.”

The female customer was stumped. However, Hector soon gave her an explanation. “I’m not someone
who’s good with words. If you like this bracelet and insist on buying it, I won’t stop you either. After all,
men and women have different tastes. In my opinion, I think light-colored jewelry is more suitable for
you. This palecolored bracelet, for example.

“You don’t have fair skin, and pink will look better on people with fair skin. Therefore, you should wear a
lighter color. However, you still have to see it for yourself. I’ll help you to put it on, and you can compare
them yourself.” After he finished speaking, he put on the pink crystal bracelet on her left hand and then
the light-colored bracelet on her right. He then gave her a mirror and let her compare the difference
between them herself. Another slightly older female customer beside her chimed in, “He has a good
taste. I also think that you look better in this bracelet compared to the pink one.”

The female customer consulted other women behind her. All of them nodded in assent and said, “Yeah.
He’s got a good taste.”

In the end, the female customer decided not to buy the pink crystal bracelet. She smiled at him and
said, “Thank you so much for your suggestion. I’ll take this one then.”

Hector responded with a smile. “You’re welcome.” The rest of the female customers were excited as
well. “I want him to pick a bracelet for me as well. He’s so patient.” “Yeah, right? I went to the other
jewelry store to buy a bracelet. I don’t know what was going on with that salesperson’s head. He picked
a dark purple bracelet for me, saying that it would make my skin fairer. When I got home, my boyfriend
said I looked old in purple. You have no idea how angry I was at that time.” “I’ve decided. Whenever I
come to Soul Jewelry in the future, I want him to serve me!” Kennedy looked at him and smiled.”
Honestly, I think he has good taste too.”

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