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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011

Seeing that Nolan entered the office, Lucy quietly exited the room and immediately closed the door.
Nolan stopped in front of the desk, propped his arms against the desk, leaned forward to approach
Maisie, and forced a smile. ” There’s a newcomer in the company, and you’ve already forgotten about
your husband. Have you taken a fancy to that newbie?”

Listening to his serious tone, Maisie could not help but laugh. “Honey, is that jealousy that I’m

Nolan squinted slightly.

Maisie leaned forward, kissed him on the lips, and let off a bright smile. “Good then, we’ll take him to
the mall later and buy him some clothes together. I still have to arrange accommodation for him after
the shopping.” Nolan frowned, and his expression dimmed. “It seems that you’ve arranged everything
for him.”

Maisie could not help but chuckle and nod.

Seeing the gloom in Nolan’s eyes, Maisie grabbed him by his tie, “Shall I introduce you to him?”

Nolan pulled his tie out of her grasp. “No.” He was about to straighten his body, but Maisie wrapped her
arms around his neck and brushed her finger across his thin lips. “Nope, you have to meet him.”

Nolan stared at her while Maisie gave off a wide grin.

Hearing a knock on the door, Maisie looked out and said, “Come in.

Hector pushed open the door and exchanged gazes with Nolan when he walked in.

He looked puzzled. This man looks familiar, but why is he glaring at me?’

Maisie walked over to Hector’s side and rested her elbow on his shoulder. “You haven’t gotten the
chance to meet your cousin-in-law before this, have you? So this is your opportunity to get to know him
for the first time.”

Nolan was flustered.

“Cousin-in-law?” Hector was also taken aback and took another glance at Nolan. Although he had
never met him. at least he had heard of him.

After getting an affirmative nod from Maisie, Hector immediately nodded at Nolan. “It’s nice to meet

Nolan’s expression looked indifferent and cold. He did not respond to the greeting but looked at Maisie.
“Since when have you started to regard random people as your relatives now?”

Maisie was startled, while Hector was flabbergasted again.

Seeing that Nolan seemed to have misunderstood, Maisie hurried up and wrapped her arms around his
arm. “He’s really my biological cousin! Look carefully. He’s Hector!”

Hector nodded.

Nolan took a closer look at Hector again, and his brows creased even more tightly.” Did Hector look like
this before?”

Maisie chuckled, held Nolan’s cheeks with both hands, and got him to look down at her. “Isn’t it
unbelievable? At first, I thought Hector had undergone plastic surgery or something.”

She walked up to Hector upon saying that pushed him closer to Nolan, and exclaimed, “Just look at the
facial features, and try picturing him in long, black hair with a pink highlight. Doesn’t he look exactly like
the Hector that you know?”

Nolan thought about it meticulously and responded nonchalantly, “He does look a little familiar.”

Maisie rushed out from behind Hector and winked at Nolan. “Since he’s addressed you as his cousin-
in-law, shouldn’t you bring your cousin-in-law out to buy some clothes and anything else?”

Nolan’s expression looked calm as he nodded. “Yes, he really needs it.” Hector looked perplexed.
“Maisie, you don’t need to buy me clothes. I’m not.”

Maisie stopped him. “Creating an image is very important when it comes to impressing the people you
meet in this industry. Your fashion preference and style will have to change if you wish to step into the
fashion industry. Look at you. You literally look like a student. Will others have the guts to come to you
even when you’ve become a fashion stylist? You should learn a thing or two from your cousin-in-law.”

She pushed Hector toward Nolan upon saying that. “Honey, I’ll leave Hector to you. So go on, chop-

Lilapici VII

Nolan was at a loss for words.

In the car, he felt that he had been played.

‘She agreed to tag along, but it turns out to be only me playing the babysitter.’

Nolan turned his head and took a glance at Hector, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. After
all, he was Maisie’s cousin. “You’ve changed quite a lot.”

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