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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1019

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Chapter 1019

When Louis walked past the study, he could vaguely hear his mother’s voice.” Why was Ryleigh kicked
out of school?”

Christina sighed. “I’m not sure. The school said she… pushed someone down the stairs for a place in
the music academy.”

Larissa was shocked. ‘She wouldn’t do that would she?”

“I know she wouldn’t. She’s my niece, and I don’t believe she’s that kind of person. This was a huge
impact on Ryleigh, I’m afraid…” Christina didn’t finish her sentence.

Larissa put down her coffee cup and held her hand. “What do the victim’s parents think?” “The girl’s
father is the top manager of Royal Crown, so he knows people. He was even Natasha Knowles’
manager at one point. His daughter is in a coma, and the school is accusing Ryleigh, so her father had
to cover this up.”

Louis listened for a while outside before walking away. His mother was best friends with Christina, and
he knew that Christina was a Hill

As for ‘Ryleigh’ who they were talking about, he had heard his mother mention this name before but
never met the girl. He knew that she was musically gifted like he was.

He would want to meet this Ms. Hill that his mother mentioned frequently. He wanted to know more
people who were gifted in music, but he never got the chance.

The name “Ryleigh’ was kept in the back of his head because it kept popping up. Sometimes, Russel
Hill would go over for dinner with Christina and would talk about his daughter. He would say how his

daughter had been affected after being kicked out of school and changed a lot. She would get new
things at home and wouldn’t touch anything related to music.

When the elders mentioned ‘Ryleigh’ in the past, they would describe her as passionate and very
talented. She had been able to compose songs when she was young, just like him.

Now when the elders mentioned her, they called her a headache and that she was getting rebellious
and had given up on herself. She would constantly say that she was going to run away.

That was probably what made Louis curious. One day at dinner, he asked about this girl he kept
hearing about but never met.

Russel then showed him a picture of a girl on his phone.

Louis immediately recognized that she was the girl from Bassburgh High.

The ‘name’ that only existed in his memories and the girl from the night at Bassbugh High formed an
invisible line and tied them together.

He officially broke up with Xyla during their sixth year together because he no longer wanted to waste
her time. She was a model and shouldn’t have to give up on her dreams for him, just like how he
wouldn’t give up music for her.

Before leaving. Xyla asked him. “Can’t you let me into your heart?”

Louis looked away and said the same thing – they were not a good match.

He didn’t know why. Relationships were really complicated and confusing. Xyla loved him, but he just
wouldn’t convince himself to fall for her.

He had always known that Xyla wouldn’t be the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with,
even though she had changed for him.

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