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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021

The memory Louis had of Ryleigh was when she impressed the crowd on stage back at high school.

He came forward and admitted that Willow indeed had done something like that in the restaurant.
However, since Willow hadn’t exposed her identity in front of everyone yet, he couldn’t let the situation
get out of hand, so he said, “Both sides are at fault. We can gather up and find a solution afterward.
There’s no need to make a scene out of it.”

Ryleigh looked at him and asked, “Are you blind? How could you,”

Russell interrupted before she could finish her sentence, “Shut up, Ryleigh! If I hear another word
coming out of your mouth, I’ll punish you when we get home later!

Willow went forward to apologize to him, but he paid him no mind. He looked at Ryleigh, who was
exasperated. He did not know why, but he felt that she was actually a pushover, although she looked
like a paper tiger.

When Maisie and Nolan appeared, Ryleigh walked up to her and complained, her mouth pouting, “Zee,
you’re finally here. I’m so sad…”

As if she had found someone to back her up and that she could do whatever she wanted now, she
pulled a funny face at Willow, making Louis feel that she was such a silly and adorable girl

From then on, whenever he saw Ryleigh, he couldn’t control himself from teasing her. When she
became angry, he would feel happy. It was like seeing a kitty that got pissed off but refused to stretch
its claws out to hurt people.

He had been reluctant to go on a blind date, but when his mother told him that she had spoken to the
Hills about an engagement, he did not say no. Larissa looked at him in surprise and asked, “Didn’t you

say you don’t like other people to make decisions for you? You refuse to go on blind dates, but you said
yes to an engagement?”

He put the book down and lifted his head to look at his mother. “An acquaintance is better than a

Of course, it was only his excuse.

However, he was well aware that Ryleigh might not like it, so he said, “Well, since we’re getting
engaged, I guess we have to bond first.”

Larissa looked at him for a while before smiling and saying, “You young people can do whatever you
want. You can bond for however long you like as long as you can fall in love with each other.” Initially,
he intended to make her fall in love with him as soon as possible, but something had happened to
Maisie, and their wedding was postponed for three years.

During those three years, he had approached Ryleigh with the excuse of looking for Maisie. Ryleigh
believed him and kept avoiding him.

However, the more she tried to avoid him, the more he wanted to look for her. In the end, both of them
had gotten used to it, and Ryleigh did not run away anymore when she saw him.

He was infuriated when he saw her drink herself silly at the nightclub alone He walked over, and just
when he was about to ask her what she was doing, she fell into his arms.

When she looked up at him drunkenly, his anger disappeared. Of course, if she had thrown up.

After that, he sent her back to the Hills. He took off his jacket and asked the maid to change her clothes
for her.

After the maid finished changing her clothes, he walked into the bedroom and saw Ryleigh had rolled
under the bed.

He shook his head helplessly and walked over to pick her up from the floor. This was the first time he
saw Ryleigh was being so quiet and well-behaved.

Suddenly, Ryleigh grabbed his hand and mumbled, “Please… Please stop asking. It wasn’t me…”

He looked at her fixedly for a long time. When he saw the drop of tear at the corner of her eyes, he
couldn’t help but think of the incident that had caused her to withdraw from her academy. He figured
that he should investigate the matter himself.

He raised his hand to wipe the tears off her cheek gently. Then, he leaned down and approached her
slowly. He stopped in front of her lips and hesitated.

In the end, he kissed her forehead and said, “Goodnight.”

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