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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1020

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Chapter 1020

The first time he had officially ‘met’ Ryelgin was not long after breaking up with Xyla at the Michelin

Louis sat at the cafe waiting for his lunch. He had his headphones on because he didn’t like the noise.

He flipped through a magazine from the racks, and after a short time, there was an argument.

“Willow, what are you doing? We’re in a restaurant. Go outside if you’re going to make a scene. Don’t
affect the other patrons here.”

The argument was so loud that it affected him. He wasn’t happy about it.

Soon after that, the waiter tried to stop them, and one of the women started cursing. He threw the
magazine on the table, got up, and walked toward them. That woman picked up the coffee from the
table and splashed it on the other woman.

“Godmother!” A boy in sunglasses stood up. He took off his sunglasses, and Louis was shocked when
he saw the boy’s appearance.

‘Isn’t this the child from the academy, Wayion Vanderbilt?’

What the child did next surprised him. The boy picked up the glass of water and splashed it on the

The woman angrily raised her hand. “You dirty b*stard, how dare you…”

The woman got up and stopped her, but when Louis saw that she would harm the child, he immediately
grabbed onto her wrist and took off his headphones. The woman’s makeup melted because she was

splashed with water, and she looked horribly ugly.

“Are you crazy? Why are you picking a fight with a child?”

That child was a student at the academy, so he wouldn’t just ignore it.

Other than being angry at this, Louis was angry at the mother for letting the child skip school

Louis turned to look at the woman who was wiping her face. “Why would a mother let her son skip

When the woman looked up, he thought she looked familiar.

She pointed at herself and asked, “You’re… talking to me?”

He looked at her. Why wouldn’t she understand what he meant? “Are you deaf?

Of course I am.”

The woman seemed even angrier. “You’re the crazy one!”

That was the first time a woman scolded him.

At that moment, he saw the boy tugging at her shirt. “Don’t be angry. Godmother. I don’t want to eat
here anymore. Let’s go home.”

“Let’s go.” The boy held another girl’s hand. When he was leaving, he looked at the

woman who started this and said, “This isn’t over.” Louis was very curious. He was a totally different
person from the one he knew from school. He didn’t seem to recognize him, and they didn’t seem to be
the same


He watched them walk away and couldn’t shake the feeling that the boy was acting strangely. Even the
woman looked very familiar to him.

But before he could think, he saw the woman’s bracelet, and he knew very well that his mother had one
like that too.

His mother had mentioned that she had been looking for her sister, so he asked, and that woman said
her mother had given it to her.

He felt funny that his aunt’s daughter was a horrible woman and that this woman was his cousin.

He slowly noticed that this ‘cousin’ of his was suspicious, but his mother had confirmed that she was
his aunt Marina’s daughter based on the bracelet. He wasn’t convinced yet.

It wasn’t until the night of the party, when Willow’s identity was exposed, that he realized the woman
from the Michelin restaurant was Ryleigh Hill.

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