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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1027

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Chapter 1027

Robbin helped at the grilling station while Blake was bartending for the guests. Maisie sat on the bench
and stared into the night scene in the distance, holding a glass of red wine in her hand.

Nolan found her after entertaining the guests. He walked toward her and sat down right next to her.

Maisie leaned on his shoulder and gave off a slightly drunken smile. “Cherie and Dad would be very
happy too if they were both here, wouldn’t they?” Nolan hugged her by her shoulders, lowered his
head, and kissed the top of her head. “Yeah, they definitely would.” “Nolan Goldmann, l’ m very happy.”
She held his hand and interlocked both their fingers. “I don’t regret meeting you.”

Nolan looked down at the person in his arms, who had blushing cheeks, and chuckled. “Zee, you’re
drunk.” She sat up and frowned. “Since when am I drunk? I’m not!”

With a soft giggle, he took her into his arms again. “Okay, you’re not drunk.”

Maisie looked up at him and brushed her finger over the bridge of his handsome nose and thin lips.
Nobody knew if the night sky was too charming or the wine was too intoxicating, but Maisie actually
leaned forward to kiss him.

Nolan held the back of her head, and his lips were tightly pressed against hers. Both of them only
separated from each other when they were both out of breath. “I’d lose control if you were to continue
to stare at me with those eyes.” Nolan pinched her chin and stared

straight at her.

Maisie’s eyes turned into two curved lines, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled
herself closer to his ear. “I want to go

back to our room already.”

Nolan raised his eyebrows. “What are we going to do when we get back to our room?”

Her gaze looked a little hazy. “Whatever you want.”

Nolan picked her up in a princess carry, and Louis asked when he saw the two of them leave the party,
“What happened to Zee?”

Nolan looked down at her. “She’s drunk.”

The moment Nolan carried her back to the guest room and put her down on the big soft bed, Maisie
undid his tie, pulled it off him, and rolled over to trap him under her crotch.

The next day…

When Maisie woke up, she did not know how intense the hangover was-the only thing she felt was a
splitting headache.

Nolan opened the curtains, and a beam of sunlight shone on the bed.

She narrowed her eyes slightly, raised her hand to block the beam, and wanted to speak, but her throat
was extremely dry

He pulled the window screen down and noticed a slight movement behind him, so he turned around
and glanced at Maisie. ‘You’ve woken up.”

Maisie responded softly, “I’m thirsty.”

Nolan poured her a glass of water, picked her up, and smirked at her. “That’s the consequences of

Maisie took the glass from him and drank all the water in it. She was almost fully awakened after that.
She then thought of something and looked up at Nolan. “How did I get back here last night?”

Nolan put the empty glass on the bedside table and squinted slightly. “You actually don’t remember a

Maisie tried her best to recall what had happened last night, and some fragmentary memories returned
to her. She then saw the marks on Nolan’s neck and chest, and her cheeks flushed instantly.

‘I actually forced Nolan into sleeping with me!’

Nolan pinched her chin with his fingertips and leaned over to approach her. “You climbed all over me
several times last night.”

Maisie flicked his hand away and quickly got back under the blanket. “I must’ve drank too much!” Nolan
smiled, lifted the blanket, got right above her, and trapped her under his chest, leaving her with
nowhere to escape.” You’re really a sc*mbag, Zee. You’ve done everything you did to me last night,
and you’re now refusing to admit it.” She was ashamed. “I didn’t…” She felt extremely guilty when she
said that.

Nolan’s smile intensified. “Oh really, look at the mess that you’ve left on my body. Can you tell me
which of them didn’t come from you?”

“Nolan, stop it!” She buried her face into the pillow.

I’m 29 this year, and I’m about to turn 30 this year. Will I be considered to be a lustful woman from
today onward?

“But it’s obviously the alcohol’s fault!’

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