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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1018

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Chapter 1018

The girl smiled and walked over to take it.” You know me so well.”

Joe gave her phone back to her. She took it and turned on the camera. “No, I need to take a photo for
memory.” She looked into the camera but suddenly remembered something and looked at the two of
them. “Let’s do this together.”

Zee crossed her arms and shook her head, but the girl pulled her over, “Lome on, you shouldn’t hide
your beauty. Joe, come over.” The three of them took a photo together backstage. Robbin walked over
and tapped Louis’ shoulder. “Aren’t you ready? Blake has been waiting. Let’s go.”

Louis nodded and walked away with his case in hand.

When it was finally the time for the orchestra to perform, Robbin said while looking bored, “The
orchestra, not one of those boring songs, I hope?”

They rarely watched the orchestra perform at the academy because it was too boring and classical.

Blake yawned. “It’s fine, I haven’t been sleeping well lately, so this would be a good lullaby. I’m going to
take a nap. Wake me up when it’ s over.”

Louis looked at his phone and didn’t reply,

The lights on the stage dimmed, and a spotlight shone on the girl standing in the middle of the stage in
a gown.

Louis put his phone away and looked up. He was startled when he saw that it was the girl from

The girl stood under the spotlight, looking eye-catching in her red gown. The girl waved her hand gently
and started singing with no music. Soon after, the majestic orchestra lit up the stage, and there was a
violin solo with bass, and the flute joined in.

The girl standing in the middle started singing, and it blended perfectly with the male singer.

The orchestra playing pop music made it sound majestic and beautiful. The thunderous applause
pulled Louis back when the performance ended, and the curtains were drawn. Robbin and Blake stared
at him in shock when he started clapping.

From what they remembered, Louis almost never watched orchestra performances, and even when he
did, he would just give a few claps or leave halfway through the performance.

Louis never thought that watching this performance at Bassburgh High would change his mind about
the orchestra.

He always thought that that would be the only time he would see that breathtaking girl in the red gown,
and he wouldn’t meet her anymore. Never would he imagine that that girl would one day become his

During that year…

Louis met Xyla, who was a model that graduated from acting school. She didn’t have a lot in common
with him.

On the night of the academy’s performance, Xyla confessed her feelings for him, but he rejected her
because she wasn’t his type.

She asked what his type was, and he was quiet for a moment before answering.” Looks innocent
musically talented.”

After being persistent for two years, Xyla signed up to learn the violin. She wouldn’t wear makeup when
she met him and would try her best to become his type.

Louis had been wondering why this woman was so persistent. She wouldn’t give up even after being
rejected multiple times.

Maybe it was because he could see how sincere she was, so he tried to accept her.

That was until one day. Christina Hill showed up at their home to speak to his mother.

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