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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1032

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Chapter 1032

Nolan hugged her from behind, and his warm chest could be felt beating against her back. “You were in
the room located directly opposite this room three years ago while I was in here.”

He buried his face into her neck with a hint of glee flashing across his eyes. “It’s just that you were here
to bid on jewelry three years ago. So, we’re here tonight to get you the best jewelry this place has to

The auction kicked off, and the first item displayed on the stage was a South Afrenikan pink diamond
worth tens of millions of dollars, and the VIPs started to bid for the diamond.

Maisie looked at Nolan, who looked indifferent. It was obvious that he had not come here for the pink
diamond. Thus, she wondered what kind of jewelry Nolan planned to give her tonight.

Nolan did not even bid for the first few items, so Maisie could not help but lean closer to him. “I’m
starting to get curious.”


Nolan approached her ear and whispered,” Are you?”

She chuckled. “How could I not feel curious about it? I don’t think the competition has been very fierce
for the first few items, so I guess the main event is in the second half of the auction.” This had
completely piqued her curiosity.

Nolan stroked her black hair with a deep smirk. “You’re worth it.”

Maisie looked at the stage, and the following item to be auctioned was a rare gemstone-a canary

She stared at the tourmaline displayed on the projection screen, and the beams of surprise radiating
from the bottom of her eyes were even more intense than when she first saw tanzanite.

Tourmaline was known as the rainbow hidden in a gemstone. It had vibrant color hues and usually
scored the highest in color grading among all colored gemstones. Almost all colors that could be seen
in the light Spectrum could basically be found in tourmaline.

The most precious tourmaline usually came in red, blue, and green hues, and yellow tourmalines had
always been known as the nobles among all tourmalines.

Canary tourmaline was different from other ordinary yellow tourmalines. Not all yellow tourmalines
could be deemed canaries. Only those that did not have any green, gray, and other variegated hues
could be categorized as such.

Canary tourmaline was even rarer than tanzanite. Because of its rarity, it had always been challenging
to locate large carat canary tourmalines in the market.

Thus, the price soared to $250,000,000 as soon as the bidding for the canary tourmaline started.

Sure enough, the competition was ferocious, and the bidding price of the canary tourmaline had
already arrived at $ 360,000,000 in only a matter of seconds.

Nolan raised his placard unhurriedly. “$ 500,000,000.”

Someone in the audience increased the price to $600,000,000. Nolan then one-upped that person by
offering $650,000,000. When the audience saw that the person bidding was Nolan, everyone gave up
bidding at once.

The canary tourmaline now cost $ 900,000,000, not an amount of money that anyone could easily
make appear out of thin air.

The auctioneer on the stage chanted, “$ 900,000,000 for the canary tourmaline, calling once!
$900,000,000, calling twice! Does anyone else want to try their luck?”

All the other attendees glanced at each other in dismay and put down their placards. Hence, the
auctioneer dropped the gavel. “Canary tourmaline sold at $ 900,000,000! Congratulations to Mr.

The staff placed the canary tourmaline in a brocade box and sent someone to deliver it to the private
room on the second floor.

Nolan signed his name and handed a black card to the staff.

After confirming that the transaction was successful, the staff handed the brocade box to Nolan with
both hands. “Mr.

Goldmann, congratulations.”

Nolan handed Maisie the brocade box. “Are you happy?”

“Of course!” Maisie took the box into his hands with a grin and opened it. The canary tourmaline lying
inside the box glowed with a faint yellow luster under the light, looking exceptionally pure.

I create jewelry for a living and understand just how precious a canary tourmaline is. So how can I not
be happy about this?’

She raised her head and took the brocade box into her arms. “Thank you, Nolan.”

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