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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1033

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Chapter 1033

Nolan hugged her. “So, how will you express your appreciation?”

Maisie stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the lips. “This is my favorite gift that I’ve ever received in my
life. I’ll definitely keep it for a


Nolan kissed her on the forehead and between the eyebrows. “I’m glad as long as you’re happy.”

The next day, flowers were in full bloom in the music academy, and the garden in the academy was
filled with tender verdures. People were walking in the corridors, and several instructors passed by too.

“I heard that Jodie has returned to the academy to be an instructor. But didn’t she major in ballet?”

“So what if she majored in ballet? She won an award as a pianist. She won’t be at a disadvantage even
when she returns to her alma mater as an instructor.”

“It’s said that she and Mr. Lucas were students of the same department, and she was the belle of the
solo instrumentation department of the music academy. They would’ve been the perfect couple on
campus if they had got together back then. It’s a pity that the Lucases wanted their son to marry
someone who’s equal to him in status and family background. Not to mention that Mr. Lucas wasn’t
interested in finding himself a girlfriend back then.”

Another female instructor tutted and shook her head. “It’s pointless for us to think about it now. Mr.
Lucas is now married, and apparently. Ryleigh Hill is his perfect match. I really can’t understand why

Lucas would take a fancy to someone from the orchestra department.”

Ryleigh and Ruby were walking down the stairs and just happened to overhear the comments that the
instructors of the solo instruments department were making about Ryleigh.

Ruby frowned and then laughed out loud deliberately. “It’s no wonder that some students from the solo
instruments department are so arrogant and defiant. It turns out that they’ve been taught so. Sure
enough, the apples don’t fall far from the trees.”

The instructors turned their heads and were about to say something, but they saw Ryleigh’s upset
expression. Thus, they muttered something to each other and left in a hurry.

Ruby stared at their backs as those instructors walked away and shook her head. “The sense of
superiority of those who studied in solo instrumentation hasn’t changed one bit after so many years.”

Ryleigh lowered her gaze and said nothing as if she was pondering over something.

In the afternoon, Ryleigh went to Charles’ office and knocked on the door.

After obtaining permission to enter, she pushed the door open and poked half of her head into the
room. “Charles.”

Charles put down the teacup, looked away from the newspaper, and raised his head.” Ryleigh, what’s

Ryleigh pursed her lips and walked slowly up to the desk. “Is learning to play in an orchestra really not
as popular as learning to perform as a soloist?”

Charles stopped what he was doing for a split second, took off his glasses, and cleaned the lens with
his handkerchief.’ Do you think so too?”

“Of course not.” Ryleigh looked at him sincerely. “I’ve never thought that any orchestra performer is
inferior compared to any solo musician. What we learn to play in an orchestra are usually classical
pieces that world-renowned composers or musicians pass down. Some of them are even thousands of
years old. So, why isn’t it attracting more attention than solo instrumentation? I just don’t understand…

She lowered her gaze. “What we play are musical instruments too. The symphonies that we put out are
a genre of music too. So why is it that orchestra performers are the only ones who are being restricted
and excluded?”

Charles glanced at her for a while and then gave off a smile. “Ryleigh, everybody’s preferences are
different. We can’t force everyone to like an orchestra’s classical performance. The only thing we can
do is bring the orchestra’s world to more young people, promoting the symphonies that those great
composers had left behind.”

He stood up, stood in front of the window, and looked into the distance. “I felt as confused as you when
the academy wanted to abolish the orchestra department and focus all their attention on developing the
solo instrumentation department back then. But apart from me, there were so many more people who
shared the same belief that I have who stood up for the charm of the orchestra. As long as we believe
that the orchestra has its value, it’ll never disappear.”

Ryleigh lowered her head. “But the number of people who can persevere in liking the orchestra is
getting fewer and fewer by the day.”

Charles turned to look at her. “Even when everyone’s given up on it, there’s still hope as long as there’s
one person left who’s still insisting on preserving it. The battle is only over when the last person
decides to give up too.”

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