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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1031

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Chapter 1031

Maisie lowered her eyes. ‘Then what about the young heir of the Knowles…”

Madam Nera sighed. “There’s nothing left of him. Not even his body could be located. What’s more,
he’s the only descendant the Knowles have. Although Rick is still young, I don’t think he’ll be able to
recover from the pain within a year or two after losing his flesh and blood.”

Maisie pursed her lips.

To be honest, I still can’t accept the death of that child. Noilace was just a young child, but because of
Madam Knowles’ selfishness and hatred for the Knowles, the Knowles were devastated, and even Zeta
died because of her mission.

Maisie sent Madam Nera off after chatting with her for a long time. At this time, Lucy walked up to her
and said, “Ms. Vanderbilt, the La Perla Group has sent you some flowers.” “La Perla?” Maisie was
stunned. She remembered that La Perla seemed to be the company that belonged to Pearl Santiago’s

Soul Jewelry had not been in touch with La Perla until now, more or less because of the issue that
Pearl had run into back then.

Maisie saw the flowers that the staff brought in, and the big characters on the card clipped onto the
bouquet were indeed a congratulations message from the La Perla Group. Lucy was unaware of the
grievance between Maisie and the daughter of the Santiagos, so she said with a smile, “La Perla and
Taylor Jewelry are both very well-known companies in the jewelry industry. Getting the blessings of
these two top guns would probably make the other jewelry companies feel so envious.”

Maisie smiled helplessly. “I guess so.”

Soon, she saw a figure appearing at the entrance. It was Quincy. Quincy then motioned the
bodyguards behind him to bring in a larger flower basket while greeting Maisie. “Mrs. Goldmann.”

Maisie could not help but laugh. “Who has sent us such a big flower basket?”

Quincy replied, “Mr. Goldmann said that your new branch has just opened, and he has to show you
some support.” Lucy went with the flow and added, “With Mr. Goldmann showing his support, our new
branch’s momentum is really off the


Maisie struck the top of her head lightly with her knuckle, while Lucy exclaimed softly and left the scene
with a smirk.

Maisie looked at Quincy. “Where’s Nolan?”

Quincy looked outside..

There was a Rolls-Royce parked outside the venue. The rear window was lowered partially, and the
man sitting in the back seat was looking in their direction.

Maisie walked toward the car, leaned forward to the car window, and looked at him. “Did you do this on

Nolan stretched out his hand and stroked her cheek with an ambiguous smile. “I’m here to show your
business some support. Are you happy?”

She rubbed her cheek against his palm.” How can I not be unhappy? I think even the jewelry store next
door is jealous of me now.” ‘Then just let them be.” Nolan laughed and withdrew his hand as the hilarity
in his eyes remained unchanged. “I’ll pick you up after work.

She blinked. “Is there any important event going on tonight?”

He smirked. “You’ll find out about it tonight.”

In the evening, Nolan really lived up to his words and came to pick her up.

Maisie leaned on him tiredly. “Is there really a huge event? I don’t want to go back home to put on
makeup and dress up for the occasion.”

Nolan hugged her. “There’s no need for those. You already look stunning.”

“Really?” Maisie rested her chin on his shoulder and rubbed her own face. “But what would you do if I
were to be outshone by other women if I didn’t wear makeup?” .

Nolan rubbed the corner of her lips with his fingertips and chuckled. “I won’t do anything because no
other woman can even come close to outshining you.”

The car was parked at the Summerton Auction Hall’s entrance.

Maisie was a little surprised after she got out of the car with him. “Are we here for an auction?”

Nolan wrapped his arm around her waist and brought her into the auction venue. The ushers led them
to a private room on the second floor.

It had been three years since Maisie last came to this place that was why it was

inevitable for her memories to resurface.

She took a glance downstairs and then looked at him. “Are you planning to bring me to relive some of
my memories?”

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